Racism in Sports: Open Mic Response

Nathan BlunckCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

A couple of days ago Willie Randolph said that he was being judged more critically because he was black.  He added that black quarterbacks are perceived differently as well. 

I have to preface this by saying that while I don't consider myself a racist, I do laugh at those jokes.  I am white and I think the white jokes are a heck of a lot funnier than minority jokes.  If you have any, let me know--if it's not against site policy. 

Moving on, I don't think Willie is being judged harshly because he's black.  I think he's being judged harshly because his team is losing with the second or third highest payroll in the league, and he just so happens to be in America's largest media market.  Not exactly the ideal setting for a slow start.  If he can get things turned around, he'll be alright. 

I personally don't see a whole lot of help coming though. 

The only serious injuries that the team has had to deal with are Alou, Church, and Pedro.  Pedro's back, but in my opinion he needs to be more of a three starter at this point in his career, not a 1-2 type starting pitcher.  Church is back after his concussion from a scary collision at second base a few nights ago, and Alou is almost glass at this point. 

The Mets' biggest problem has just been underachieving.  Delgado isn't getting it done, Reyes isn't, Castillo isn't either.  Wright is starting to come around, but he's better than how he's playing, as are the rest of the Amazin' Mets. 

As for quarterbacks though.  He's probably right on that score.  You never hear of a black quarterback being a polished passer.  You hear about how athletic they are and how they make things happen, but never about how much leadership they have or anything else that is usually attributed to white quarterbacks. 

I guess I've rambled enough.  I think Randolph was overreacting to his situation, but racism does exist in sports.  Is it as extreme as people think?  I say the race card is played too often.  How about you?