Jay Bruce, Reds Do It Again at Home

Fred DillonContributor IJune 2, 2008

With the addition of Jay Bruce in this home stand, the Red-legs are one step closer to their immediate goal of obtaining a .500 record (28-29).  The Reds have been on fire at home this season while slumping heavily on the road.  Is Jay Bruce the answer to the the Reds struggles?  Somewhat. 

Who will the Reds bring up from AAA Louisville to fill the void in the pitching rotation?  Most believe it will be Homer Bailey.  Bailey had a lot of hype around him before coming up last year and is not living up to it. 

If Josh Fogg and Matt Belise are just going to come up and get shelled every start, why not bring Bailey up to get the big league experience?  He can learn a whole lot from veterans like Harang, Arroyo, and Mercker. 

Another thing that has me pleased is seeing Jarrod Burton filling that 8th inning set up position really well.  Is this the end of David Weathers, who had stepped up and done such a great job for us last year in the closing roll?  I don't believe so. The addition of Cordero this off season made the obvious choice to send Weathers from inning nine to inning eight.  This has been proven to be a bad choice with opponents hitting well off of him.  I think the obvious spot for Weathers is purely situational.

Lets see how the Reds fair against two of the hottest teams in baseball (Phillies and Marlins) on their next road trip.  Will the success of the homestand carry over, or will they colapse as they did on the last road trip?