After Mourinho: Time for Chelsea Fans to Move On

Shaka AndersonCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2007

IconJose Mourinho is a god in the eyes of most Chelsea fans—and rightfully so.

What Mourinho achieved at Chelsea in three seasons is unprecedented.

He won the league title in his rookie campaign. His club defended the title a year later, a feat matched by only three other teams in the last 50 years (Man U, Liverpool, and Wolves). He also won the League cup.

You get the drift—the guy was a proven winner.

So, obviously, shockwaves went through the EPL when Mourinho was sacked...or when he jumped ship...or whatever it was that ended his tenure with the club.

I was as hurt as anyone when I heard the news.  And then to see Avram Grant touted as the answer?

I mean PLEASE—someone give me a break here.

Whatever we may think of Mourinho's departure from Chelsea, though, the fact is he ain't coming back—and the Chelsea faithful have to move on.

It amazes me how fickle fans can be. It was only four years ago—after Chelsea had almost ceased to be a football club—that Roman Abramovich and his billions of dollars helped resurrect the team.

Now when you mention Abramovich's name, you'd think he was a murderer.

Don't get me wrong—I'm not an apologist for Abramovich, as there are some decisions I think he got wrong (like appointing Frank Arnesen, for one).

But the fact is that he's the boss—and unless I want to stop supporting Chelsea, I have to accept it.

In the Fulham game, Chelsea were truly woeful. So what do the fans do?

Start singing for Mourinho.

If Chelsea were winning 5-0, would they still have been singing?

I don't think so.

Chelsea fans need to get over Mourinho and get behind the management in order to salvage the season. Proof of that came on Wednesday night, when a supposedly divided squad beat Valencia by playing for each other and for their club.

It wasn't the best display of football, but the players showed heart and loyalty to their new manager...because they understand that they play for CHELSEA, not JOSE.

If the players can move on so resolutely, we fans can certainly do the same.  It's time for the Chelsea faithful to start supporting CHELSEA again—and not Jose.