French Daredevils Surf and BASE Jump from Zipline

Andrew GouldFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2016

Surfing, BASE jumping and ziplining are individually daring tasks. Combining them seems downright ludicrous.

The Flying Frenchies, a small group of aerial adventurers, live for this kind of absurdity. The group surfed and jumped off a 1,950-foot-high zipline rope atop the Vercors Massif.

Anicet Leone, one of the masterminds behind the bold activity, described the experience to Dom Granger of

It was so crazy to surf like that after two years of dreaming about it. It was insane to be on a board at that speed, at such a height. I learned so much about my own capacity to do things. It gives me a lot of self-confidence for future ideas — I know I can bring them to reality.

Everyone else can watch from a safe, grounded location.

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