A Viper Like Career Top 10 Of Randy Orton's Greatest Moments

Patrick GreenCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Triple H (L) and Randy Orton compete during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

 Randy Orton, is possibly the greatest heel of this decade. Having seven years of feirce rough battles and moments. Ten of the moments that the Viper Randy Orton, has succed past, and glorified those astonishing phenomnons.

 Orton is a man with sinister plots, and has been the most rough wrestler in wrestling. With his amazing agility it is not hard for Orton to climb out of a tough situation. Having being the key heel in WWE certaintly pays its prices. Look back at the fresh new Pay Per View Heel In A Cell. That was one payment that WWE has given back to him. Future Hall Of Famer Randy Orton has Ten outstanding moments that stand out from the rest. Hey that is why it is called Randy Orton's top ten moments.

* An OVW star rose from the shadows of the devolopment team, and made in to WWE. Orton first match that was on telivision took place on April 25 2002. Orton's first match was against the extreme Hardcore Holly. For a breif period of time was the fan favorite, without this moment there would have been no key heel named The Viper Randy Orton.

* The Young Boy Randy Orton, joined the force known as Evoultion. When joining to of the greatest wreslers at that period of time Triple H and Ric Flair and newcomer Batista, has to mean something. The Fantastic Four were among the most incredous stables in history. They took the titles, and more importantly took over the Red brand known as Raw. This team was not a force to be recking with. Eventually the four great talents split a part, during the break up Orton had the world title on his shoulder.

* The scripted part of wrestling is what makes wrestling, wrestling. And when the booker decided to make Randy Orton The youngest World Champions, they had no regrets. By defeating Chris Benoit in a truly magnificent match up The Viper became The youngest World Champion in WWE history.

* Entering Hell in A Cell with the man who has said it had been built for was a huge step for Randy Orton. At Armaggedon 2005 Randy Orton went into what could have been the biggest match of his life against The Undertaker. With a little help from his Hall Of Fame father Cowboy Bob Orton, the father son combo still did not come out the victors of that brutal battle.

* Walking in at the biggest Pay Per View ever with the World Title over your shoulder is a great acheivement. At Wrestlemania twenty four Orton did just that, walking in with a match with Triple H and John Cena in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. Not just did he walked in with the title, he came out with it as well. This was a big moment for The Legend Killer Randy Orton.

* In every wrestlers career they make a legacy for themself, Orton did just this but he did legitimately. In 2008 Orton formed a stable, with memebers Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibase. Randy became the leader of this group, and today they are still the main stable in wrestling.

* I know that most of you are fed up with Mr. McMahon huh? Well then you are going to love this moment. After Vince McMahon returned to the ring after eight months of absents, Randy Orton punted him in the skull .

* In 1988 the genious match known as the Royal Rumble was created. the object of the match is to throw your opents over the top rope, and the last man standing wins. This match is particulary tough because there are thirty other man standing in your way of winning. After 21 years of this match in January of 2009 another mans name was added to the list of winners of the Royal Rumbles, and his name is Randy Orton.

* 25 years of the biggest wrestling event in wrestling history. Wrestlemania 25 lived up to its potential. And in that Main Event, Randy Orton took on his long arch enemy Triple H for The WWE Title.

* This last moment is in honor of Randy Orton being a WWE superstar. Orton has suffered for this buisness, and has saved it as well. Randy Orton is the go to heel in the WWE, and is been the some of the most excited epic battles in wrestling. Randy Orton career is not yet come to an end and I am really looking forward for the future of Randy Orton.