What The Average Bama Fan Loves...

Hotof DapresContributor IOctober 6, 2009

As an average Alabama fan of four decades this is what I love and believe.  I'd like to know if other fans feel the same way.

I love:
- My Creator
- My Family
- Changing the destiny of inner city kids
- Alabama Football

My wife will sometimes claim that I get that order mixed up - especially when I realize Bama is unexpectantly playing on TV. However, that is indeed my order. Here are a few things I believe:

I believe great coaches win when others don't. And I believe great coaches care as much about a player's future off the field as they care about "winning when other coaches don't".

I believe the media should shut up about the huge amount of coverage Brett Favre has had over the last couple of years because they are the ones covering it.

As a Bama fan I believe Pat Summit is one of the greatest coaches in the history of American sports. Not just for winning championships but because she is an amazing person who treats other people as more important than herself.

I believe Nick Saban is a much better person and coach than I thought he was prior to arriving in Tuscaloosa.  I was excited about winning football again but I've been surprised at his integrity and his giving back.

I believe Vol Nation will drink the obnoxious koolaide Lane Kiffin is dishing out and hold on to him as a coach longer than they should in part to prove to the rest of the nation that they were not wrong.

I believe Gene Chizik will beat Alabama at least once in his first three years and thus destroying my ill-fated joy over him being hired by Auburn.

I believe that every person who laughs at Alabama fans for holding onto the Bear Bryant legend are either ignorant of how monumental his impact on college football or jealous and would do the same thing if they had the greatest coach in the history of the sport. (See Green Bay Packers fans who feel the same way about Lombardi - and rightfully so)

I believe if you are still reading this you have your own respectful list.