ECW: The Land Of Extreme (Episode 2)

Juan Correspondent IOctober 6, 2009

Josh: Welcome everyone to ECW: The Land of Extreme. I am your host tonight, Josh Matthews, and I am joined by my partner, Matt Striker.
Matt: Welcome everyone. Last Sunday was the first ever Hell In A Cell PPV. An amazing night that was. And William Regal surprised all us fans by winning the ECW Championship.
Josh: But it was almost a controversial ending as Christian returned late into the match with an injury. One has to wonder what will happen to ECW now that William Regal is the champion.
Matt: And tonight, Christian addresses the fans on his late entry into the triple threat match last sunday.
Josh: But right now we have a one-on-one match (music hits) and here's The Hurricane.
The Hurricane makes his way to the ring in full Hurricane costume.
Matt: Last week Paul Burchill and his sister Katie Lea worked together to take off The Hurricane's mask. It was revealed to everyone that he is Gregory Helms.
The Hurricane is in the ring with a microphone in his hand.
Hurricane: Last week, you all found out that I am Gregory Helms. But that doesn't make me embarrassed. It didn't take anything away from me. I don't care that Paul, Katie Lea or any of you fans know who I am. I am still the Hurricane. I never felt like revealing my true identity, simply because I liked being mysterious. Why do I still wear this mask when all of you know who's face is behind it? Because this mask defines who I am and how I live. This mask, cape, tights, it is who I am. I am The Hurricane.
Music hits and Paul Burchill comes out.
Paul: Oh it's gonna be that way now is it? You don't care that everyone knows? Well, I care. I am so glad that I exposed you. I no longer have to worry about who you are. I will no longer be distracted. No more frustration. You may think that it's alright that everyone knows, but it isn't. You are now vulnerable to my attacks. You can't resort to mind games anymore, because now I have the advantage.
Hurricane: Well, let's see about that.
He drops the mic and tells him with his hands to get in the ring. Paul gets in while Katie Lea stands ringside. To the surprise of everyone including Paul and The Hurricane, Kozlov and Jackson come out and sit near the announcers, watching everything from ringside. The bell rings. Inside the ring, the two don't do anything for a few seconds. They wait for the other. Suddenly HH goes for a running clothesline but Paul ducks. As he bounces back, Paul delivers a big boot to his face. He has a newly found look of confidence in his face. He then taunts the crowd before performing a German Suplex. He has a newly found look of confidence on his face.
Matt: Burchill is starting to show some ruthless aggression. I like it. A new side of Burchill.
Kozlov and Jackson are watching with no expression on their faces. Paul climbs to the top rope. As HH gets up, he jumps with a diving clothesline. HH moves out of the way. Paul realizes this at the last second and makes himself still stand on his two feet. But HH delivers a dropkick to make him fall back down again. The crowd is chanting "HURRICANE!"
The Hurricane tries to apply the figure 4 leg lock but Paul pushes him out, gets up and performs a scoop slam on HH. Paul goes to the top rope again, but like before, misses a crossbody on HH. He rolls on the floor clutching his midsection. HH rests at the turnbuckle. While the referee tends to Burchill, Katie Lea tries to attack the Hurricane. But the referee sees her and signals for the.bell.
Tony: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by disqualification, The Hurricane.
Paul realizes what happened and is furious. He can't believe it. He goes for the Hurricane and beats him up. He thrashes and manhandles him. This goes on for another 2 minutes. He then stops and looks at Katie Lea with anger and disappointment. He picks up a mic.
Paul: WHY? I had it under control.
Katie: *shrugs* I was just trying to help. Sorry Paul, we'll get him next time.
Paul: You know what? I've had it. I tried to help you. I've looked after you. But you're just a burden."
Katie: *furious* Who was with you from the start Paul? Who was there to help you out? To be there for you? I let away all those opportunities to stick with you. We're family, the same blood.
Paul: Well I carried you around all this time and look where I've got? Nowhere! It's over. I don't need you. I never did. You're just an embarrassment to the family. So get out of here. I don't want to see you again.
Katie: *completely shocked* Really Paul? This is the thanks I get for everything I've done for you? I'm the embarrassment? I've missed too many opportunities, and I'm not gonna miss this one. While you stay here on ECW as a nobody, I'm going to go to Smackdown or Raw and bring some glory to the Burchill name. I'll finally bring some success to my life. I—
Katie: Fine.
She drops the mic and walks out. Paul soon does the same, looking at the crowd in disgust, forgetting the Hurricane, who was carried away earlier. Kozlov and Jackson look at each other, still expressionless. But they nod their heads together, as if in agreement.
Matt: Wow, what just happened Josh? Brother and sister going their separate ways. What a surprising turn of events, and the show has just started.
Josh: Still to come, Tommy Dreamer Vs. Sheamus. Stick with us, we'll be right back.
*Commercial Break*
As we come back, Kozlov and Jackson are still ringside sitting near the announcers on two chairs. Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring. Goldust comes out. They both shake hands. Yoshi starts out with some chops. Goldust chops back. He punches him. Yoshi kicks him in the guts. He hits a neckbreaker. As Goldust gets up, Goldust bounces off the ropes but Yoshi counters his next move (whatever it was going to be) into an inverted atomic drop. An elbow to Goldust's sternum. An elbow again, but Goldust takes his hand and counters it into a crossface. Yoshi gets the ropes. As both men are up, Goldust performs a swinging bulldog. He goes to the ropes and bounces himself off it but comes back into an enzuigiri. And the two go on like this, back and forth. Almost in a way that no one even has an idea of who will win. The end comes when counters one of Yoshi's move into a pin, 1...2...3. Goldust wins. He helps up Yoshi, but Yoshi pushes him out of the way and goes to the back, angry and embarrassed.
BOO shouts the fans. But they show Tommy Dreamer and Sheamus in split screen walking backstage, coming to the arena. They're up next.
As we come back from commercial again...
Sheamus is in the ring. Tony introduces Tommy Dreamer to the ring. Clothesline on Tommy, courtesy of Sheamus. Another clothesline. As he is up again, Tommy irish whips Sheamus, but he counters it into another irish whip and as Tommy comes back, Lou Thesz Press on Sheamus. Tommy goes to the top rope. He hits a moonsault. Goes for the pin. 1—2—No as Sheamus kicks out. Tommy runs to the ropes, jumps over Sheamus' body on the ground, bounces off the other ropes, but comes back to a scoop slam. Pin, 1...2...but he kicks out. A swinging neckbreaker. Pin, still no use as Tommy kicks out. Both fight for a while. Sheamus is impressing everyone as he seems to be the one beating up Tommy. But Tommy soon puts down Sheamus a German Suplex. He goes to the top rope. Goes for a senton. But Sheamus counters it into a powerbomb. That shocks everyone in the arena. That was a great counter, according to Matt Striker. But now Shelton Benjamin comes out from the audience. He brawls with Sheamus. The match ends, Tommy Dreamer wins by DQ. The two brawl while Tommy leaves queitly. A lot of referees come down to break up the brawl, which has now spilled out to ringside. Kozlov and Jackson are still watching, expressionless. The screen fades into commercial as Shelton and Sheamus are split apart by the referees.
Next:Christian addresses the fans.
We're back. The music hits, and Christian comes out to a huge pop. He does the usual entrance routine. When in the ring, he grabs a mic. Everyone waits.
Christian: Last Sunday, I faced Zack Ryder and William Regal in a triple threat match. Personally, I didn't think any of them deserved my championship belt. But unfortunately, William Regal stole it from me. Yes, stole. No, I'm not gonna complain like anyone else. But I will tell you how he stole it. Take a look. *Points to the titantron*
It's backstage at Hell In A Cell. Christian is attacked by Kozlov and Jackson. He is mainly attacked in the abdomen section by chairs and canes.
Christian: I was supposed to wrestle that night, but the doctors wouldn't let me after that happened. But I wasn't going to let Regal get my belt that way. I fought anyway, but my injury caused me to tap out to Regal himself. Like I said, I'm not gonna complain. But there is one thing I'm not happy about: Our new General Manager. I mean, I told him what happened. I showed him the video. What does he do about it? He makes it a one-on-one match without me in it. Despite what Regal did, he gave him the chance to win the championship. Either he stops taking sides, or he leaves ECW.
Abraham Washington comes out with Tony Atlas, both of whom are met by boos.
Abe: Look here chump! *Atlas laughs* Mr. McMahon made me the GM of this show for a reason. I needed a championship match on the card. You didn't want to be a part of it? I make it a singles match. But you came back in the end, and still failed. You tapped out. *Atlas laughs again* I just did what I had to do.
Christian: Well then, here's what I'm going to do. I'm using my rematch clause. I want my rematch, next week.
William Regal comes out with Kozlov and Jackson by his side.
Regal: Just stop this nonsense. You don't deserve a rematch. You tapped out to me. You failed while I was successful. Think of this as a favor. Now you can leave without having to embarrass yourself and this show any longer by being champion.
Zack Ryder comes out.
Ryder: No, no, no! I'm not going to leave just like that. I lost last sunday. But no one pinned me, or made me submit. The odds were against me. It was a triple threat match. Besides that, the champion over here cheated to win. I want a rematch. I deserve one. *looks at Regal* Just you and me.
Regal: Get over it Ryder. Life isn't fair. You've had your chances too, and like Christian, you failed.
Ryder: Well...ok, here's my proposition, if I beat either Kozlov or Jackson, then I get a championship match against you.
Regal: *looks at Kozlov and Jackson* So if you lose, you'll stop coming after me for the title?
Ryder: Yes. I'll stop bugging you.
Regal: Alright. If you beat either Kozlov or Jackson next week, then you will get a championship match against me. I will pick who you face next week. Mr. Washington, please make it official.
Abe: Oh, it's official.
Christian: Wait! Stop! You'll give him a chance, but you won't give me the rematch that I deserve?
Regal: Okay, okay, you can have your rematch next week. But if you lose, which I'm sure you will, you will have to leave ECW for good. Is that a deal?
Christian: It's a deal!
Abe: That's official too! *laughs with Atlas*
Regal: Now that that's taken care of, Mr. Washington, call out the whole ECW roster. I have some business to take care of. *walks to ring* I've been thinking, I need to expand the Roundtable. I need more members. Kozlov and Jackson here, have been watching carefully the whole night tonight, examining everyone here to see who qualifies to be a part of The Roundtable. *He's in the ring now*
The whole roster is walking out.
Abe: *looks at Sheamus* Is it me, or is it just too white in here *Atlas starts to laugh* Someone's been gaining weight *after looking at Dreamer* Oh is it night already? *after looking at Shelton* Wait, you two still have a job? *after looking at Tyler Reks and DJ Gabriel* *The Bella Twins come out at the end* I thought I fired you two ladies. Guess I'll do it now. You're FIRED! I've always wanted to do that. Man that felt good! *Smiling while Atlas laughs*
Christian and Ryder are in the ring with Regal, Kozlov and Jackson, watching what's happening. Everyone else is outside the ring, standing on the ramp, with Abe at the back.
Regal: That's great. Now, who do we take first? Ah yes, DJ Gabriel, get in here. Now you weren't in action tonight. But I've seen you work before. You have potential. I'm going to make you a star, just like I did with these two. I'm going to let everyone know what you're really capable of. Welcome Mr. Gabriel!
Gabriel smiles, happily joining the group, standing between Kozlov and Jackson.
Regal: Now, who's next? *Jackson whispers something in his ear* Yes, Paul Burchill. I saw what you did earlier. You took control of your life, you finally let go of your sister. I saw how you handled her, and how you handled the Hurricane. You're very clever Paul, very good. I need someone like you. Welcome, Mr. Burchill.
Burchill stands beside Kozlov, still angry from earlier, but at the same time, happy at what's happening now.
Regal: That's good. Now who else? *looks over at everyone. Jackson suggests someone else* Ah, yes. I thought the same earlier. Yoshi Tatsu. It's time for you make a decision. You're just like everyone else here. But part of you wants to be like The Roundtable. You want to be aggressive. I saw it in you. What do you say? Part of us, or part of them? We can help you Yoshi.
Yoshi is confused. Tommy Dreamer urges Yoshi to stay there as part of the good guys. Yoshi looks at him as if about to agree, and then hits a low blow on him, and gets in the ring, next to Jackson. A new heel is born.
Regal: *smiling* You've made the right choice Mr. Tatsu, welcome. One more. One more member, and we'll be set. Sheamus. My personal favorite out of everyone we've picked. I like you a lot. I need you. *Sheamus walks in, happy and proud, with an evil smile.* I need an evil mind like you. You're almost as great as I am in the ring. Yes, this is perfect. We will dominate the WWE. Look at us. Very different people, very different cultures, but yet we have come here together under my leadership to change this industry. We are the Embassy, The Ruthless Roundtable.
They all join hands and raise them together.
Everyone else just watches from outside. What has become of ECW?
Quick Rundown:
  • The Hurricane b. Paul Burchill by DQ as Katie Lea interferes. Burchill and Katie Lea are separated.
  • Goldust b. Yoshi Tatsu.
  • Tommy Dreamer b. Sheamus by DQ as Shelton Benjamin interferes.
  • William Regal adds more members to The Roundtable. There are a total of 7 members now: Regal, Kozlov, Jackson, Burchill, DJ Gabriel, Tatsu and Sheamus.

Next Week:

  • Zack Ryder vs. either Kozlov or Jackson. If Ryder wins, he gets a title match against Regal.
  • Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW Championship. If Christian loses, he leaves ECW.

General Manager of ECW: Abraham Washington
ECW Champion: Willliam Regal