Fresh Take: Olympics, Gisele, Jerry Jones, & Seminoles

SportsChLeagueContributor IOctober 6, 2009

Hey, is that Rocky Balboa I see running through the market of south Philly on his way to the steps of the Philadelphia art museum?  No, its Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable honing the street fighting skills he’ll need when he goes to the slammer for assaulting one of his own coaches. 

I thought this was the NFL, not MMA.  This cat may really be going to jail for breaking someone’s jaw.  Can you say DYSFUNCTIONAL?  Captain Hook, I mean Al Davis, is captaining a pirate ship lost at sea.  My oh my!

Okay, let’s get started with some real sports and today’s Fresh Take.

Congratulation to the city of Rio de Janeiro and the country of Brazil for landing the 2016 Summer Olympics games.  This will be the first time the summer games have ever been held on the continent of South America.  Good for them. 

Thank God Chicago didn’t get the games, as the city would have had to rack up a ton of debt in order to pull these games off.  Now I know why President Obama, the First Lady Michelle, and the “first lady backup” Oprah Winfrey (aka Okra Winfrey) were on hand for the bid process. 

Someone said budget overruns and they bolted into action.  I know the Obamas were not the first to do so, but when did heads of state anoint themselves as Olympiad apostles and interject themselves into the bid process?  Don’t these clowns have bigger fish to fry?  Send a Chicago sports legend like Michael Jordan, not “Ms. Dysfunctional daytime T.V.”  At least they didn’t send Ellen.  Can a brother get an AMEN?

Next!  Was that Gisele Bundchen yesterday wearing No. 12 for the Patriots?  I guess ‘ole Tommy boy needed a day off so he sent his girl to face the Ravens instead.  If I’m not mistaken, Tom/Gisele was wearing a chinstrap just like all the other boys were, but complained to the refs about a would-be tackler glancing off his leg. 

Come on Tom, this is football, not a fashion runway where you only have to worry about getting the heel of your stiletto caught in your dress.  Your boy Rodney Harrison even called you down on this one.  Okay, the owners are the ones who really created these girly football players, not the other way around.  Change the rules and make the quarterbacks play 11 on 11 football and not seven on seven.

When things aren’t going well, you have to look at the very top and when I look at the very top of the Dallas Cowboys, I only see one person...Mr. Facelift himself, Jerry Jones.  We can all sit back and blame Tony Romo and company (Coaches Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett), but I think Jerry has spent way too much time focusing on the new stadium and not on the boys who score touchdowns.

Big mistake J.J.  The Cowboys bogged down at Denver’s eight yard line yesterday as time expired at Mile High Stadium after facing a first and goal from the same position with half a minute left.  Four shots at the end zone and you don’t throw one pass toward your best target, Jason Witten? 

Instead, you throw twice at one of the league’s best cover corners in Champ Bailey.  His name is “Champ” for a reason big dog.  Stay away from him if you please.  Poor play, poor coaching and an overall lack of fire means only one thing in my book...poor leadership.

What has happened to the Houston Oilers, I mean the Tennessee Titans?  I said a few weeks ago that this team reminded me more of a Phillip Fulmer coached team from Knoxville and not last year’s 13-3 team from Nashville.  Two weeks later, it has gotten even worse. 

The 0-4 Titans have vowed to stick with quarterback Kerry Collins despite Collins throwing his fifth and sixth INTs of the season.  This team has way bigger issues than just the QB position but Collins is not helping his own cause.  Is it time to go to Vince Young yet?  According to Jeff Fisher, the answer is NO!

Good luck with that one coach, but at 0-4, you’d better start turning over the right rocks before the season gets away from you.

Hey Ho, Bobby’s gotta go!  Hey Ho, Bobby’s gotta go!  I can hear the chants in Tallahassee now.  The Seminole faithful are getting restless after Bowden’s grid iron squad posted another lackluster performance in their 28-21 loss to Boston College over the weekend. After an impressive three game start, the ‘Noles have hit the skids the last two weeks and have stunk up the joint doing so. 

Florida State is just another ACC team that has failed miserably to live up to the preseason hype, joining Clemson and North Carolina.  Can someone say Mountain West conference as a BCS conference?  ACC ain’t getting it done this year.

And that, my friends is what is HOT in sports.  Join us again for the next Fresh Take.