"Southpaws Cannot Dance!"

ken millerContributor IOctober 6, 2009
Dear Editor
Amazingly, Joe Calzaghe is still in the running as a candidate for the best of celebrities in the Strictly Come Dancing TV programme but like me there must be thousands who know he is not in any way a competent ballroom dancer! He is a southpaw and southpaws cannot dance!
One great boxing trainer once stated jovially (I think) -  in total frustration with what we call in boxing a 'wrong way round fighter'  - 'the southpaw' - that - 'they should all be put down at birth'.
I, like many, vote for Joe every time but as he has mentioned himself - his upper body movement is habitually in a defensive mode - the guy has never been beaten because his arms are tuned-in to his brain, mentally focused  -  held to block, parry punches and cocked for rapid counters. The dancer has to be more relaxed and demonstrative with those arms in movement to the music - in this respect Joe is like a fish out of water.
He will of course give this competition his best shot but with that other master boxer of the past Terry Marsh, he is the only other  Briton to retire undefeated world boxing champion and it is in the ring where he is the winner not on the dance floor.
Mind you, right or wrong, he will still get my vote for services rendered to his sport and country - nobody wants to see Calzaghe beaten he represents the UK.
Sorry for being so biased but as the great Oscar Wilde inferred - an unbiased opinion is without value!
Ken Miller