David Tua: The True Grit Of a Champion!

ken millerContributor IOctober 6, 2009
Dear Editor
When my fiance telephoned me from New Zealand recently  and told me that all the sporting talk in NZ was about the 'big fight' between David Tua and Shane Cameron I laughed and told her it was a 'mis-match' plus how special I thought Mr Tua was and how sorry I felt for Shane Cameron.
Having been involved with boxing for over 50 years I know a champion when I see one and David Tua has all the characteristics needed in that magic formula - dedication, determination, discipline and durability = champion.
I believe an off-form Tua lost to the great Lennox Lewis and in-form David Tua would be a match for any of the best top 20 heavyweights in the history of the game.
My family boxing days go back to stories of  the 20's and 30's when in Manchester, England all the dreams and passion were for boxing - the smog-ridden 'Cotton City' in those days had three of the country's best in world, European and British champions Jackie Brown, Johnny King and Jock McAvoy - they gave the people something to dream about.
In fact the very year the last of those great champions lost his crown that passion for sporting excellence transferred from King's Hall,  Belle Vue Manchester to Old Trafford when the new way out of the poverty rut became 'soccer' - i.e. Manchester United FC - but that is another story.
I t maybe late for David to reach his true potential, luck has not been on his side  but I believe David Tua is that special and has the grit needed to become a great champion.
Ken Miller