Chaz Is Back, Mcfadden and Green Is Hurt What Does This All Mean

george lopezCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2009

Chaz Schilens should be back for next week's matchup against the Eli-less giants.

What does this mean? I'll tell you it means that either Darrius Geyward-Bey or Murphy will have to sit. Maybe even Javon will be back. I think with Chaz back and Louis Murhpy at receivers we have a shot at a win. If Geyward-Bey gets the start then were in trouble.

If you haven't heard McFadden is out for a month and so is Cornell Green. This is very bad news for the run game not only did we lose our starting back but another starting Offensive linemen, lets hope Kalif Barnes is willing to play right guard. You never know maybe Kalif will be an upgrade. Losing a RB and a Offensive linemen in the same week is bad let's hope that the offence is ready to produce.

The Good news is that Eli will not defiantly not playing next week maybe this game can get the raiders started. The defense needs to hold the giants to under ten if we want to win. Jamarcus Russell is the key to the raiders win let's hope he can get started this week, he should now that he'll have a receiver that can actually catch. This is a make or break game. Don't get your head down raider nation.