Is The Bowden Legacy In Dire Strait's?......

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Is The Bowden Legacy In Dire Strait's?......

Bobby Bowden has obviously overcame many hurdles in life ,as a child he stayed sick with rheumatic fever and was confined to a bed for over a year.Robert Cleckler Bowden prospered to the pinnacle of the football world.To most men he has lived a full and glorious life, to some he is a legend that has always given for others before himself.

A loving man of god if you would,that has always been a family man that served and served well.The teams ,the men and the college's they are the one's that have been blessed to his presence.I believe the end of his coaching career is near for the Man that has walked by Faith.

Today the Chairman of the Florida State trustees Jim Smith in a statement said"We have got to many bosses out there" he goes on and say's that he believes that this would be the end of the Bowden era at Florida State.If so Why now? why come out after 2 embarrassing losses? Why not sit Bobby down before the season and just frankly let him know that this year needs to be a turning point for the future of FSU and that they cannot honor future bindings.Just goes to prove that we all live in glass house's and the walls get stoned when you hit a low point.No one remembers yesterday they only remember today.I will never understand why most companies will let everything go to the dumps before they ever ask the CEO to resign. This is the reason I do not have any blame at all for Coach Bowden.The Blame falls flatly on the President and Board of Trustee's.Coach Bowden still has the hunger to win but the sizzle has long gone .I just pray that his legacy will not be tarnished for something that definitely could have been solved long ago.I'm sure that the Seminole faithful feels the same.

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