Looking forward to seeing Big Brown win the Belmont Stakes !

Judy EinstossContributor IJune 2, 2008

Trainer Rick Dutrow has experienced the absolute 'highs' and 'lows' of his profession, but he is the progeny of an extremely knowledgeable and successful racing heritage. No one can ever discount the personal tragedies that Dutrow has encountered over the years, but he is a dedicated, omniscient horseman, who would never sacrifice the health and safety of the animal for the sake of self-glorification. Big Brown has historically had much worse leg problems than this quarter-crack, and with the expertise of the renowned Specialist brought in to tend to this situation, the 'green light' is a formality. If there continued to be even an iota of concern with this condition, Dutrow would undoubtedly 'suck-it-up', and chalk it up to another of life's experiences. The man has seen it all in this business, and hopefully receives what he so very much deserves....the winners circle, Big Brown's continued good health, the Triple Crown, and a date with destiny in the upcoming Breeder' Cup.