Bobby Bowden Feels "Betrayed": And Dadgummit He Should!

Jonny SAnalyst IOctober 5, 2009

I don't care if Bobby Bowden's Florida State Seminoles don't win another game this year. There is no excuse for how the University's Board of Trustees are treating him.

If you want Bowden to step down and consider retirement, fine, but don't go whining and criticizing the man that built your school into what it is, behind his back, to local newspapers. The way FSU supporters, alumni, and boards are handling this is nothing short of pathetic.

I lived in Tallahassee for two years and I have never seen so many fans whine about a coach who brought so much fame and popularity to an institution. Fans everywhere need to realize that college football is cyclical. Some decades you will dominate, others you will struggle. Ask USC of the 1990s, ask Florida, ask Notre happens, it's part of life.

Does Bowden need to step down soon? Absolutely, no doubt about it.

However, Jimbo Fisher, say what you will, has more control of game-planning and play-calling than Bowden does now. What's FSU's record? 

Who called the four straight pass plays on 1st-and-goal inside Boston College's 5 yard line that turned into zero points and a turnover on downs? Not Bobby, I'll guarantee you that much.

These ridiculous Board of Trustees members like Jim Smith are throwing Coach Bowden under a bus and letting him try to survive it on his own. Smith said to a local reporter at the Tallahassee Democrat on Sunday, "My hope is frankly that we'll go ahead, and if we have to, let the world know that this year will be the end of the Bowden era."

Really, Mr. Smith, really? So it is your hope that you whining to the media behind Bowden's back will get him to finally step down? He continued on, saying that FSU has been "more than patient" with Bowden. Then why not be patient one more day? Why not plan a meeting with the entire FSU staff and have something worked out behind closed doors?

None of you think Bowden has ever turned down another job? How about his early years when Bowden was up in West Virginia and received a random job opportunity at a school with no tradition or winning teams (FSU) and he took a chance and left his comfort zone to join the Tallahassee community?

Without Bowden, Florida State isn't Florida State. Without Bowden, there is no "Seminole nation." Without Bowden, the high standards would have never been set. He set the bar high, very high, and now everyone just wants to throw him out in the wind to get swept away? Heartless, pure and utter selfishness.

Again, I agree Bowden's time is up but the utter disrespect and coldness fans and FSU "supporters" are displaying is unforgivable. 

Trustee Jim Smith wasn't done with his comments though, he also said this: "The president intends to announce we've negotiated a contract with coach Fisher".

Are you kidding me? Did you tell Bobby anything yet? My guess is no considering these comments were made on a Sunday morning and the 'Noles were up in Boston the night before. 

Wait, there's more, on Monday Smith said this to the AP, ""I know coaches are sniping at each other and that's just terrible," Smith told the AP on Monday. "There are too many mixed signals."

Wow, this is laughable. Mixed signals huh? How about naming Jimbo Fisher the "coach in waiting" before he proved a damn thing? Is this a mixed signal? Who should freshmen really report to then, Bowden or Fisher? They're both "head coaches" with different wording right?

This is exactly what's wrong with the sports world, this is exactly what's wrong with our society. The new slogan for America and sports is "what have you done for me lately." Obviously, by Bowden's high standards, he hasn't done that much. However, to completely go behind someone's back, let alone a legend, is unforgivable and appalling. Bobby has earned respect and should be given it, dadgummit.

Even Bowden's Wife Anne who is typically quiet, is outraged by the treatment of her husband:

"I'm angry at some of our boosters that Bobby has worked for and supported, raised money for. And he's been such a top quality person, such great character and everything for this university. And for them to turn their back on him like that -- I don't care if he is 80 years old..."

Exactly Anne, exactly! Bobby has trusted these supporters and even gone above and beyond to help them improve their situations. I am sick and tired of people treating others like this. We live in a selfish society and even a coach who has earned to go out on his terms no longer has that option. Whether Bowden stays on now or retires, damage has been done to a legendary coach who doesn't deserve it.
Anne also told the Orlando Sentinel that she was, "...disappointed in Jim Smith, who's been a longtime friend," she said. "Jim Smith's been a longtime friend of ours. When we first came here and we struggled and Bobby went on the road for nothing to raise money for this university and traveled all over the state, set up most of these booster organizations because they were doing nothing when he came here -- trying to raise money."
And this is what Bobby gets in return? And the boosters and bloggers think their actions of causing more problems and going behind Bowden's back is helping recruiting? I got news for you guys, you are hurting your entire university with these immature whiny "retire already tactics."
If hard work, dedication, love, and friendship doesn't mean anything anymore to anyone, it's a sad day. I'll repeat it again, FSU would have never become FSU without Mr. Bowden. He is 80 years old, he knows his time is soon...the least these people can do is shut up and keep it in house.
Nan Locher, a long-time Panama City Area Seminole Club made another ridiculous comment that really summarizes it all, “He (Bowden) got us where we are, or where we were, and he’s like any ordinary person with a job. He’s not getting the job done."
That's where you and everyone else are wrong Nan, he is not an ordinary coach. Bowden (along with Paterno) stands for something that we will likely never see again in this business.
A man that committed his life to one university and one community and turned it from nothing to something is now considered a historical somebody and a present day nobody.
What's next, the boosters pay for a wonderfully extravagant surprise retirement party for Bowden?