Cody Rhodes: Piggy in The Middle?

Naomi LeighContributor IOctober 5, 2009

We are all expecting Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase to go their separate ways in the run up to "The Marine 2" release. DiBiase will more than likely go face and feud with Orton.

However, where does this leave Cody Rhodes?

We have seen both young members of Legacy have small quarrels with Orton in recent months, most notably when their fathers took over for a night as the guest host.

The cracks are starting to appear, and after the backstage segment at last nights Hell in a Cell you know we haven't got long to wait.

Speculation has been busy spinning a web around Orton and DiBiase, but I have seen very few ideas thrown around about Rhodes. I think it's about time he got a little attention in this up and coming war. 

There are very two obvious ways he can go: Team Orton or Team DiBiase.

Team Orton probably wouldn't bring much of a change. Maybe a few more remarks from the lovely Mr Randy about how lucky Rhodes is he isn't on the receiving end of the beatings.

Will this give Rhodes a big shove up the rankings? I highly doubt it.

He will still be basking in Ortons shadow. He just won't have to fight for space with DiBiase.

Team DiBiase will be more lucrative for Rhodes.

Taking off the training wheels and showing Raw that the big boys can take care of themselves!

Rhodes and DiBiase together will no doubt put Orton in his place, they have recently proven their strength and compatibility. So I personally can't see this happening, unless of course Orton finds himself a friend. (On a separate note, I always did hope they would chuck Swagger into the mix.)

Now lets delve into the more obscure. Rhodes could find himself pulling strings on both sides.

DiBiase wants to move up and on, Orton needs to keep them on side.

I imagine it would be good for Rhodes to play middle guy. With them two busy arguing between themselves, Rhodes could take advantage and go for a belt of his own.

The US championship maybe?

I don't believe he is yet ready for the big scene. He still needs to establish himself as a singles wrestler.

Whilst Orton and DiBiase fight it out in the main events, it would Rhodes a chance to prove himself. It could do wonders for both him and the other rising stars.

There are may more possibilites. I just hope it plays out well, and not like recent Raw feuds.