Special Olympics and The International Olympic Committee

ronald weintraubContributor IOctober 5, 2009

special olympics is a member of the international olympic committee that right  because the ioc supports special olympics from the president of the international olympics committee  i encouage all members of the olympic family , goven,ments and supporters of olympism to learn more about special olympics and support of the activites of this organization . ioc and special olympics sign 1988 being partnership of the olympic family and usoc and special olympics has a partnership too. have a member on the ioc board . all special olympics athletes and coaches vounteens must follow the ioc rules and special olympics rules too. 2010 next olympics  winter games in vancouver   canada and next 2010 special olympics national games is in  lincoin nebraska and 2011  special  olympics world games in greece  plz support special olympics  and the 2010 team usa going gold in vancouver .