Charlie Weis Wildcat Extinction Would Ever Be So Sweet

Jim CowanCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

There indeed was three sightings of the enigmatic wildcat this weekend in South Bend. But the Nick Holt led defense lie in wait and poached the dead-beat animal to an oblivion!

I loath the wildcat. I could only hope it is dead and gone. But sure enough, the mad genius himself will not let bygones be bygones and I'm sure we'll have yet another wildcat sighting or two.

I know what you'll say... “Golden Tate in the Purdue game... what about the two touchdowns earlier...”

Throw enough sh*t against the wall and some of it is bound to stick. And for cryin' out loud, Golden Tate is generally the best athlete on any field at any given time; put him in any stupid play and he'll probably get something out of it!

Here's the deal. Notre Dame has never proven successful with gimmick plays in the Weis era. It's just not their bag. While I think their athletic talent can match with anyone position to position, it's not conducive to these types of plays. They run a pro-style offense; it's like a quasi-west coast with a college twist. And let me say, I think they are unstoppable when Chucky sticks to that plan. When they are hitting the quick 8-15 yarders, Clausen is unstoppable! Mix that with a few long bombs (not overdoing it like we've seen some) and of course mix in the run (not 10 pass plays then seven run plays simultaneously). This offense is unstoppable!

I digress. The wildcat scheme can be successful with the right talent. First and foremost, my biggest problem is that you're virtually running a play with 10 men. Splitting Jimmy Clausen out wide is worthless. One he's going to get the sh*t knocked out of him sometime, and two, who are they fooling? What's he going to do out there, run a fly!? If you have a QB like Griffin or Robinson, putting them out wide may be a legitimate threat...not Jimmy Clausen though.

Second, there's no secret. The wishbone option is great because the QB can run one of about four different plays in a split second decision. With the wildcat, it's virtually just a direct snap to the tailback where he what, runs an off tackle or worse yet, they try and pull some double reverse crap! Lastly, is just the risk vs reward. It is a low percentage play and I see it as a wasted play.

Sure, I understand that every play is a crap shoot all things considered, but how many times does this play have to bust for Weis to shelve it for a while?

The three times they ran it against UW arguably cost them two touchdowns! I was glad to see, at least for one week, the wildcat is dead!!!