CM Punk: Has The WWE Gone Too Far?

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CM Punk: Has The WWE Gone Too Far?
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One of the greatest PPV’s in a long time was WWE’s Hell in a Cell. I unfortunately did not get to watch it all, but the parts that I saw were absolutely amazing. I think that best match was likely the Tag Team Championship match, with Jeri-Show winning over Batista and Rey Misterio. However, again I am getting off topic. In this article, I wanted to talk about CM Punk’s performance, in the World Heavyweight Championship match.


This match was right behind the UTTC match for best match of the night (in MY books), but I was somewhat surprised by CM Punk’s ability in this match. While Punk is one of my favourite wrestlers, I was surprised by the fact that he dominated a heavy part of this match-up.


To get where I’m coming from, look at the size, and strength difference between these two talented, and skilled competitors. The Undertaker weighs 299 pounds, and looks about 6’8” or 6’9”. Punk, however, weighs 222 pounds, and looks maybe 6’3” if that, yet he had a unmistakable edge in this match, for quite a while, during the middle of it.


Here, let’s take a look at how this feud started, two months ago at SummerSlam after Punk won the World Heavyweight Championship back from Jeff Hardy, the arena went black with Punk still standing over “Hardy”. When the lights came back on, the Undertaker was in Hardy’s position, motionless on the ground right in front of Punk. When he sat up, Punk look terrified. Taker then stood up and chokeslamed Punk.


Two weeks later on Smackdown, almost the same thing happened. CM Punk was in a match with Matt Hardy, and Punk had a steel chair wrapped around Hardy’s neck, about to send him flying into the ring post when, you guessed it, the lights went out, the Taker appeared right in front of Punk, and chokeslamed him right through the announcer’s table.


Now just judging by those two confrontations, the Undertaker was clearly the controller of these feuds, right? Well now, a month later, the Undertaker holds the World Heavyweight Championship. However, not how I, or anyone, would see it if they judged it by any of the previous CM Punk vs. Undertaker confrontations.


So now that we have that covered, let’s see how the Hell in a Cell match between these two went. It started out with the Undertaker using his experience to his advantage, and using the cage as a weapon. This must’ve lasted 5 minutes. Then, however, the tables turned and CM Punk was all over the undertaker, which kind of had a Cena effect. Punk took all of that beating, then pretty much got up like nothing happened, but Punk made it look less of a “Hey! Look at that! I’ve revived!!”.


To tell all of you Bleacher Report readers the truth, I thought Punk was going to win that match, before Taker hit the tombstone. However, my point is, the Undertaker has completely dominated the straight-edge superstar in their previous meetings, so what happened? I’ll leave it to you, the readers. As always, have a nice day.

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