Who Is The Best Wwe/f Wrestler/superstar Of All Time ? Round 2

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Who Is The Best Wwe/f Wrestler/superstar Of All Time ? Round 2

Round 1 is over and a lot of great wrestlers have been eliminated.I want to thank everyone that voted and i hope that we have more votes at round 2.

Bret Hart vs Stone cold :

Bret Hart easily passed through Sgt Slaughter with a 6-0 , Stone Cold also passed easily to Round 2 after he eliminated Goldberg with a 6-0.This two had a great wrestlmania match at wm 13 which Hart managed to win.Both are great wrestlers and this is going to be a difficult to decide.

Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle :

Randy passed to 2nd round with a close 3-2 to Eddie Guerrero, personally it was a suprise to me having Eddie eliminated.Angle on the other hand Kurt passed easily also making a suprise after he eliminated Bill Graham witha 5-0.This two have wrestled against each other a lot of times with Angle having the upper hand.

HBK vs Ric Flair :

HBK eliminated Bobby Backlund with a 5-0 while Ric Flair had a draw with Triple h and i my self decided to pass Flair.Both men are legends and this will definitively be a tough-one-to decide.

Ted DiBiase vs Mr.Perfect :

Ted passed after eliminating Owen Hart in a close one with 3-2 , Mr.Perfect passed easily after beating the american dream Dusty Rhodes  with a  4-1.I think that it is a difficult to decide mainly because they both had great gimmicks.

Undertaker vs Chris Benoit :

Undertaker knocked-out John Cena with a 5-1 , on the other hand Chris Benoit eliminated edge with a 4-2.Both taker and Benoit are great but only one can go to the quarter-finals.Who will it be?

Chris Jericho vs Randy Savage :

Jericho passed after a 5-1 over Mick Foley, Randy on the oher hand eliminated Junk-yard Dog with a 6-0.In a match between this two Savage would have gained the advantage at strenght but Jericho would have the advantage at speed.Who will pass?

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant :

Hogan eliminated Rvd with a 3-2 with Andre the giant eliminated Diesel with a 6-0.Hogan vs giant happened a lot of times , Hogan is the merican hero and Andre is the gigantic beast, so this two had a good feud.

Rock vs Brock Lesnar :

The Rock eliminated Bruno Sammartino with a 6-0 while Lesnar eliminated Batista with a 6-0! Lesnar is both strong and fast but the Rock was phenomenal! Who will pass?YOU decide!

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