Manchester united: Cristiano Ronaldo is fooling no one, but himself.

Yahya RisasCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

The winker from Madeira as he is popularly known, has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid this summer, and unlike previous summers this is getting quite serious and interesting.

For starters I think for all his talent Ronaldo should not try to fool anyone, he knows it, as does every body else that Manchester United is the best place he can be. Unless he is willing to forget about his world’s best player ambitions in favour of the Madrid city (read women "Nereida Gallardo").

It really makes no sense for any player to leave a club that puts him in the right condition. He is adored by the fans, and soon to attain legendary status, but instead will move in order to fulfill the wishes of his mother, Godfather and Spanish girlfriend.

I believe Fergie should stick to his policy of “no player is bigger than the club,” that saw David Beckham and van Nistelrooy sold, unsurprisingly, to Real Madrid and let him go, Ronaldo is now setting decision deadlines.

Is there any decision to be made?

He still has four years on his contract at Manchester United. If he decides that he wants to go to Madrid, Fergie and the Glazers should cash in on him and try to get both Robinho and Sergio Ramos in part of the exchange (not that Ronaldo is worth both of them, I don’t think so) rather than letting him rot in the stands.

Because there is no difference between the Manchester United stands and Real Madrid as the obviously more talented Ronaldo da Lima found out.

For all their good football and excellent traditions, Spanish clubs are the worst in terms of looking after players compared to Italian and English clubs. Just take a look at what has happened to Ronaldinho, and how Barcelona has treated him.

You can’t believe that just two seasons ago he was undoubtedly the world’s best player but after a season of poor form, Barcelona has done nothing to support him, apart from being castigated in the media and having the president (Laporta) talking about him leaving through the front door.

Had he been in England or Italy I believe he would still be on top of the world. Let's face it no player right now is capable of doing what Ronaldinho can do at his best not even Messi.

Look at what Manchester United has done for Giggsy and Scholesy, or what Milan has done for Maldini and Inzaghi, even misfiring Shevchenko is still very welcome at the San Siro. Ronaldo da Lima was always fat to the Madrid fans, when he didn’t score a goal, but the best in the world when he scored a hat trick.

Can you believe such treatment? Now that Cristiano is flirting around with the same guys, does he expect different treatment? Or is he more talented?

After scoring 42 goals this season from the wing, what will Madrid expect? His goals or his contributions in terms of assists, back tracking etc.

The Real Madrid manager Bernd Schuster said “I don’t think Ronaldo can come and score 40 goals in a season for Madrid, but if he scores 30 then we will win the league.” 

What will happen if he scores 15? I guess boos will follow next from his own fans.

The English for all their hype are very good supporters, they appreciate what players have done for them. On match days at old Trafford fans still sing songs of their past players like Roy Keane and Eric Cantona, and after what Cristiano has done for them this season he will be revered by the old Trafford faithful for a long time. Only a fool can sacrifice that for the Madrid sun and beaches.

So after investing £12 million to prize him away from Sporting Lisbon and enduring three years of frustration and inconsistency from him, he now has the audacity to set decision deadlines.

If that’s not stupidity then what is? No wonder Mourinho branded him “illiterate” last season.

When Thierry Henry left for Barcelona, the Premier League needed someone to take over his mantle as the king, and Ronaldo duly obliged. However, even Henry hasn’t been appreciated by the Barcelona fans. So for Ronaldo to join a league where many players can make step overs, and are extremely technically gifted (read Messi and Aguero) and hope to dominate it the way he has done with the Premier League, is nonsensical. 

For Henry it’s sensible, he was 30 when he left Arsenal but at 23 Ronaldo is yet to reach his peak and I don’t think his peak will be realised in Spain.

So he should fool no one, he needs Manchester United and the Premier League more than they need him. Whether he decides to stay or go, my advice to Fergie and Queiroz is, let him go, there is more where he came from. But then again that's just me.

Manchester United is an extremely huge club, let alone the European champions. Even a ninth grader can tell that it’s a bad career decision when a player leaves the European champions to join a team that has not made the quarter finals of the Champions League for four consecutive seasons.

Ronaldo would be passing up on a chance to be a world club and intercontinental champion. That's if Man Utd go on and win them. For Manchester United, with Tevez, Rooney, Anderson, Nani, Vidic, Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Evra, Ben Foster and possibly Karim Benzema, with or without Ronaldo, they are destined for greatness.


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