Michigan Fake Punt Was Mesko's Decision: Should He Have Had the Authority?

The WolverineCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2017

Zoltan "Chicks Don't Dig the Fake Punt From Your Own 16" Mesko made the read to fake the punt when the Wolverines were trailing 10-6 from their own 16 yard line.

"He was supposed to kick it," Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said. "It was a read, and Zoltan, he's made that decision very, very well a number of times, and that time he thought he saw a crease, I guess. The defense did a good job of holding them to three (points). That (failed fake punt) wasn't a determining factor in the game."

I'm not sure I agree with Rodriguez. The game went into overtime. If MSU had three fewer points, we would have won. I also question the decision to give Mesko the authority/discretion to make that call on that yardline.

Of course, you trust your All-World senior punter, but I just don't feel comfortable giving him that authority that deep in enemy territory. It's one thing to have it on the 50, maybe even the 40. But deferring that far out in a four-point game, I just don't agree.