WWE's Ascension Culminates with the Birth of a Great New Champion, Randy Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIOctober 5, 2009

On Sunday, Oct. 4 2009, history was made. 
For on this very night, we witnessed the rebirth of a living legend. 
And while the night also saw the Undertaker rise to the top of the WWE's secondary brand, his victory will undoubtedly take a back seat to the events that unraveled later in the evening. 
The match was one of familiar flavor, albeit, dressed with steel and coated in destiny. 
Why destiny, you might ask.
Because on some nights, not even the unspoken guidelines of WWE tradition could prevent destiny from reaching its end. 
For in Hell in a Cell, it was John Cena's match to win and Randy Orton's to lose. 
For in Hell in a Cell, the winner would have to be the superior competitor. 
Yet while the inevitable outcome was all but certain to unravel, the WWE decided to step away from their conventional protocol in order to enable something truly special to happen. 
Locked inside of a steel cell and forced to compete until one man was left unable to stand, it was Randy Orton who stood victorious while the WWE's "Superman" was reduced to little more than another of Randy Orton's victims. 
John Cena was left broken and beaten in the middle of the ring as the WWE's Lex Luthor walked out of the cell as the new WWE Champion. 
But wait, the bad guy never wins, right? 
The fairy tale that has been John Cena's career came to an abrupt halt as the better man left as champion and the inferior competitor was left with nothing but a kick to the skull for his efforts. 
Dramatic irony or poetic justice? 
I assure you, nobody deserved to lose more tonight than John Cena and the WWE universe should indulge in the satisfaction of his misery. 
For all of the years Cena was able to coast by, affixed to the WWE Championship with no real threat or any means to detach him from that which he did not deserve, he now has to face the reality that is Randy Orton. 
For all of his talk about being a "soldier" with a "never say quit attitude," the stupidity he exhibited at Breaking Point might have very well cost him the title he so cherished. 
As Randy Orton said, he did say "I quit" to preserve his longevity while it was John Cena's stupidity that enabled him to sustain unnecessary abuse. 
Did the beating that Randy Orton delivered at Breaking Point play any factor in Cena's demise at Hell In a Cell? 
Either Cena's stupidity cost him his physical vigor or he simply lost because he was overwhelmed with the level of competition he faced. 
Either way you look at it, John Cena has himself to blame for losing the WWE championship and Randy Orton has himself to credit for his historic victory. 
Why historic, you might ask.
Because Orton's victory at Hell In a Cell marks the first time a heel has earned a clean pin-fall victory during a pay-per-view championship match since he himself did it at Wrestlemania XXIV, when he pinned John Cena in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship (might I add, making Orton one of only two heels in WWE history to win the main event of a Wrestlemania and the only one to do so without having marital relations with the owner's daughter). 
That's 19 months, 22 pay-per-views, and 37 (WWE or World) championship matches that could have been won by pin-fall, yet Randy Orton becomes the first heel since himself nearly two years ago to win a major championship match by pin-fall in clean fashion at a pay-per-view. 
There were no sneak attacks, no double-teams, nothing but the better man gaining a pin-fall by out-performing his opponent. 
That, ladies and gentleman, is history. 
For the sixth time in his illustrious Hall of Fame career, Randy Orton has become the WWE/World Champion.

Without question, nobody deserves to indulge in the satisfaction of this victory more than Randy Orton.
Understand of course that when I predicted John Cena's inevitable victory at Hell In a Cell, I expected nothing more than the WWE staying true to their convictions, yet all the while hoping for them to prove me wrong. 
Was it arrogant of me to feel as though my voice had any impact on tonight's pay-per-view? 
But if my voice had even the slightest chance of being heard, it was well worth my effort to voice it.
As a proud and true Ortonite, our WWE Champion deserves nothing less. 
So I must say: WWE, you did us proud tonight. 
If this has been any sign of things to come, I would be happy to fork over $39.95 every month to be entertained by what can be a more realistic and ever-evolving product.

As it stands right now, we are all living in the "Age of Orton".

Thank you, Vince McMahon, for allowing us the pleasure.