After Carwin, Who's Next For Brock?

The Truth TurcottCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

After Carwin, Who’s Next For Brock?

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With U.F.C. 106 fast approaching along with the usual speculation and arguments, the million dollar question is; Who’s Next? Shane Carwin will certainly pose a few problems for the U.F.C. Heavyweight Champion.

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The Champ may not be able to throw Carwin around as easily as he has other opponents, and Carwin is no slouch when it comes to wrestling. A former NCAA Div.II Champion himself Carwin knows his share of holds and throws.

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Carwin holds an impressive 11-0 record in MMA, although the only fighter I can honestly say I’ve seen him fight who may have been a top ten prospect is Gabriel Gonzaga. And in the under two minute fight he looked tired.

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Sorry “Sports Fans” but I don’t think Shane Carwin is going to be the man to dethrone Brock Lesnar. He has heavy hands, but he’s very slow. I see Lesnar taking him down and pounding out a quick victory.

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Like him or not Brock is quick and agile, he moves like a Welterweight. He’s explosive, strong and getting better with every fight. His cardio is great for a guy his size.

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On Nov. 21st. 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center Brock Lesnar will walk out of the “Octagon” the U.F.C. Heavyweight Champion. So who’s next?

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I suppose there’s always the prospect of a Lesnar vs. Mir 3 I’m sure that would attract attention and be a short entertaining fight. Cain Velasquez is impressive with a 6-0 record. His cardio is good and he does well standing or on the ground.

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Junior Dos Santos’ destruction of Mirko Cro Cop surely had his stock rise on the rankings lists. With a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and quick hands Dos Santos has a chance of getting out of the first round fairly unscathed.

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Unless he’s like fellow Brazilian Royce Gracie I don’t see him surviving through the next few rounds, again he’s just too small.

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Having watched the first few episodes of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10, I don’t see anyone on the show that has a chance of competing with Brock for the title.

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With Feardor out of the picture “Sports Fans” I just don’t see anyone on the horizon who can knock Brock off of his throne. We may need a few seasons of TUF to find a worthy opponent…well one who stands a chance. That’s all for now.

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