TigerCats Lose to Calgary, Drop Their Second in a Row

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

I don't understand why you can't freaking hold on to the ball and why you don't try to give your QB more time to make a play by covering the blitz! The Stampeders had like eight guys on defence lined up against five ti-cats blockers.

They were giving QB Quinton Porter little time to get a play done, but, in that situation you need to form a circle like shape around your QB called a pocket. Which gives him more time to throw the ball.

You guys never caught on to that. So, the Stamps defence blitzed every time and sacked your QB at least three times which lost you the game. You should also feel crappy that you lost to a team who never scored a touchdown the entire game.

It actually was a mistake-filled game for both sides with the final score being 14-15. but, I mean the ti-cats defence had their hands on the ball five or six times and ended up only getting one interception.

This game could have easily been won, but, instead you did not do what was stressed by your coach (a.k.a ball security). The least you could have done Marcel was put Glenn in as he can get the ball off a little quicker than Porter. Which would have helped you against the blitz of Calgary.

Now, look where you are: two points ahead of Winnipeg with your next game vs. Winnipeg.

If you lose that things aren't going to be looking very bright. This was a VERY winnable game that you lost and if that happens next week.

Well, then were in trouble.