Breaking News: Orton Screws Up Shoulder And Title Storyline

Jarrett KarnerCorrespondent IJune 1, 2008

During His Match at One Night Stand, Randy Orton suffered an Injury to his Collarbone. HHH threw Orton over the top rope during the Last Man Standing match and Orton fell hard to the floor. Immediately, Orton grabbed his Shoulder and you could hear Orton tell the Ref "I broke my collarbone".

The match was ended short and Orton was booed and heckled while he walked up the ramp with the medical staff in obvious pain. Orton, who has been known to have a short temper, snapped at a fan who said something to Orton and told him to "Shut the    up" right on camera. The Ref had to help separate Orton from the fan.

Furthermore, reported tonight that Orton was on some type of promo from the WWE Pay Per View "Night Of Champions" with the WWE title. Chances are Orton's injury helped to stir up problems for the writers who were looking to bring back "The Age Of Orton"

Orton has been taken to the local hospital for X-Rays but nothing further has been reported as of Midnight Sunday.