Week Five Big East Power Rankings: If Teams Were TV Shows

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Week Five Big East Power Rankings: If Teams Were TV Shows

Have you ever heard about a TV show, thought to yourself, “sounds like the dumbest show ever,” and never considered watching it?

All of us know, there are the shows you always watch because they wear the “you-approved” tag and you know they will deliver each time.

And then there are the shows you just started watching and haven’t completely enthralled you, but you give them some time to develop.

There are the shows you try, realize they suck, and never go back to watch.

And then there are the shows that you simply know from the start are awful and have a snowflake’s chance in hell of making it to your DVR.

But going back to those shows I mentioned first (the “dumbest ones”), there might be a time when you accidentally flip it on and end up liking it.

Who’da thunk it?

Well, the point is that in time, things change. I didn’t think I could enjoy a show like Top Chef (actually not just about dudes cooking stuff), but now I really do.

I also didn’t think a Grothe-less South Florida could upset No. 18 Florida State in Tallahassee, but they really did.

College Football is a crazy sport: Nothing can be taken for granted because everything can change in an instant.

Just ask Michigan after they played Appalachian State in 2007—I bet anyone who told a Michigan fan their team was going to lose might have said, “that sounds like the dumbest prediction ever.”

After five weeks of football, the way Big East teams look isn’t necessarily how they will look five weeks from now.

There are some early favorites and there are some wild cards, but until all is said and done, each team deserves some more air time.

In any case, here’s the picture if you’re just tuning in now:

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