The Price Of Gold Is Going Up, But Which Title Is Worth More?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IOctober 3, 2009

As we all know there are two "major" belts in World Wrestling Entertainment. There is the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. There is also the ECW Championship, but we all know that the ECW title is not even close to the other two. Anyways. The two current title holders of these championships are The Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk and the Kiddies Champ, Mr. You Can't See Me, John Cena.

Over the years there have been times when the World Title has been like the main prize in WWE. There have been time when the WWE title has seemed like that belt. In this article I shall debate which title is worth more at the moment and why. So let's begin.

The Last 5 Reigns

First let's start it by looking at the past 5 WWE and World Title reigns because from those five we shall determine a lot.

WWE Championship

Current Holder is John Cena. He won it at WWE Breaking Point 09 from Randy Orton in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The champion before him was Randy Orton. Randy Orton won it in the Fatal Four Way on Monday Night Raw beating Big Show, John Cena, and Triple H. This match took place in Charlotte.

The reign before Randy was Batista's. It was a very short reign. Batista won the championship at Extreme Rules 09 in New Orleans beating Randy Orton.

The champion before Batista was Randy Orton. This reign for Randy started at Backlash 09 where he and Legacy beat Shane McMahon, Batista and Triple H for Triple H's title. This match took place in Providence.

And finally the reign before Randy's was obviously Triple H's. Triple H won this title at No Way Out 09 beating the Big Show, Edge, Vladmir Kozlov, Jeff Hardy, and the Undertaker in an Elimination Chamber. This match took place in Seattle.

World Heavyweight Championship

The current World Heavyweight Champion is CM Punk. He beat Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam 09 in a TLC Match. This match took place in Los Angeles.

The champion before him was Jeff Hardy. Jeff won the title at Night of Champions 09 beating CM Punk in a one on one match. This match took place in the city of brotherly love, Philidelphia.

The champion before Jeff was CM Punk. CM Punk won the title at Extreme Rules 09 cashing in his Money In The Bank right after Jeff Hardy beat Edge for the title. This took place in New Orleans.

As I mentioned before the champion before Punk was Jeff. He won it on the same night Punk took the title from him. Jeff Hardy beat Edge in a Ladder Match to win the World Title in New Orleans.

Finally the reign before that belonged to the Rated R Superstar, Edge. He beat John Cena at Backlash 09 in a Last Man Standing Match. This match was in Providence.

Look Back

Hmm, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena were the last five reigns for the WWE Championship. Not bad.

The World Title's last reigns were CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, and Edge. Seems like they traded the title there a few times, still not bad.  

Brand and Talent

The debate on the brands will not only be which brand puts on better shows, but which brand has hungry or deserving superstars of the title.

SmackDown(World Title)

Currently the World Heavyweight Championship lives on SmackDown with it's owner being CM Punk. First let's take a short look at the holder, Punk.

CM Punk is a recently pushed superstar. His push started at Extreme Rules 2009 where he cashed in his breifcase for a World Title shot agains Jeff Hardy and won it. From then WWE slowly began CM Punk's great heel turn. He went from being a hated face to being loved to be hated heel. CM Punk's heel character focuses on mocking all the drunks and druggies out there. His heel is a very exciting one and looks like he is now a certified main eventer.

The current No. 1 contender is the phenom, the Undertaker. The Undertaker hasn't looked as good as he was before the injury, but the man is still a great performer. He will meet CM Punk at Hell In A Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship. If I do say so myself having two top stars like these really shows that this belt is a valuable one.

Some other superstars that might get a title shot in the near future include Chris Jericho, Edge, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, and possibly Batista. Now with the exception of Batista that list has some amazing superstars. This shows that the World Title is very valuable.

Now when it comes to the actual brand I think SmackDown is obviously WWE's top brand today. It has some great champions, it has had some of the best feuds, and plenty more to give it a good review when it comes to this. Plus they got a lot of great talent so whenever they wanna try something new and have it look great, no problem.

WWE Championship

The current WWE Champion is none other than Vince's favourite, John Cena. Cena is the WWE cash cow and despite the fact that I do not consider him a top star because of his pathetic in ring work McMahon does because he is the children's hero. The man has some pretty good mic skills, but with the exception of that I think the man needs work.

Now onto the contender. Some may call him Viper-like, I and many others call him the Legend Killer, he is Randy Orton. Orton is obviously a top superstar in the WWE. In his career the man has gotten some great title reigns inculding the unforgetable Age of Orton. The man has great in ring ability and has some really great mic skills. I do hope he regains the title at Hell In A Cell because I believe the title has more value with Orton holding it. So Orton vs Cena in the WWE's views is a battle of top stars. In my eyes it's a battle of two top stars, in my eyes it's a battle of only one top star.

Now the thing about the WWE Championship is a don't really see many of the people on the Raw roster getting title shots. This could mean that we will see someone pushed soon. Maybe along the lines of Kofi Kingston. I'm not sure, but to me the WWE Championship seems somewhat valuable looking at this.

Now looking at Raw we all known it has been a let down in recent times. They have been putting up channel turners in recent nights. Sometimes the only times I bother to tune in is to see Triple H, HBK, or Chris Jericho besides for that the show has been weak. The thing is the people on the brand aren't. They have some potential for great shows they just can't seem to find that potential.

Look Back

Looking back at this I gotta say that it looks like this one will go to SmackDown. Raw just doesn't match them in this category.

Air Time

Everyone knows that those big titles defenses get hyped up a lot. They have one guy comnig out saying one thing then his opponent coming out or appearing later on saying another. Basically it's promos against each other and to promote the match. The question is which titles gets more air time and gets promoted better?

WWE Championship

I gotta say that the WWE Championship gets hyped up very well. You have two guys with tremendous mic skills promoting it so why wouldn't it be hyped up well. You have the viper-like mic skills of the Legend Killer doing the heel role and you have the always appeal to the fans mic skills of John Cena playing the face role. These two balance each other out. These two also seem to put on good contests while facing each other so let's hope the streak won't break.

World Heavyweight Championship

This title has been hyped up well too. First of all you had Undertaker screwed out of the title at Breaking Point. Then you have Punk escape tragedy by getting him counted out. Plus you have Undertaker do his scary(not actually scary) yet kick ass promos. Then the icing of the cake you even get The Rock to contribute to the feud. Even though it was in a small way it was a good way. Plus the matches have been going pretty well. And you got CM Punk. Do I need to say anymore? It's gold.

Look Back

Both feuds have been hyped up really well and they make the titles look absolutely priceless. It has been amazing.

Final Thoughts

I think that by unanimous decision the World Heavyweight Championship is worth more at the moment.