A New Trend For The World Heavyweight Championship?

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A New Trend For The World Heavyweight Championship?

I have been watching World Wrestling Entertainment for 16 years now and I have noticed that ever since Wrestlemania 25, the World Heavyweight championship has only been held for one to two months at a time.

For example, it all started when John Cena won the world title from Edge. He then lost it back to him the following month on Backlash.

Edge defended it at Judgment day but lost it to Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules, giving him a two-month title reign.

Jeff Hardy, however, only had a three-minute reign because right after he beat Edge, CM Punk cashed in MitB and won the World title.

CM Punk retained the world title at The Bash by getting DQ'ed after kicking the ref in the back. The following month at Night Of Champions, Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk to give Punk another two month reign.

However, the next month at Summerslam, CM Punk reclaimed his gold by beating Jeff Hardy in his last PPV match. Yet again, this was another short title reign that occured after Wrestlemania.

The following month, CM Punk beat The Undertaker by defeating him "Screwjob style" at Breaking Point.

So, I have come to the conclusion that based on recent history within the WWE, there will be a new world champion at Hell In A Cell and his name is The Undertaker.

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