John Cena And Zac Efron To Star In The Next Marine Sequel (Humor)

Myles HubbardCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2009


It is being reported that production of the next installment of the very "succesfull" Marine series will begin early next year.  The title of this very anticipated sequel will be called The Marine 3: Brokeback Marine.


In this movie he will be reprising his former role as ex- marine John Triton. His new love interest will be played by none other than current boy toy Zac Efron.


The plot to this movie will be the betrayal of his wife, played by Kelly Carlson, who leaves him for dead after a brutal sex scene. A slap in the face for Mr. Cena when his on screen wife even hit him with the five knuckle shuffle on a head he did not want hit.


After the betrayal, Triton then goes searching for the meaning of his failed marriage and newly single life. Entering Zac Efron as a gun for hire who falls for the overly muscled chest and bruised genitals of Triton. Spending most of the movie in attempts to ward off the advances of the gunman, Triton finally submits to Zac's camel clutch in a tent located off in the distance.


When asked for comments on his new role John made one comment, "I will never piss in Vince's Wheaties again".


Zac's only comments on this movie was, "Oh, I just loved the decore in the tent sequence. I think even I was pitching my own tent at his lovely man boobs".


After the scary exchange the two new love birds find Triton's former wife and proceed to blow her away. Cena's character using crotch located grenade launcher. While Mr. Efron's character used a super soaker. Yes located in the same area.



I think we all have to agree that this looks like an instant classic in the making.




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