Logo Blog #9: Carolina Cougars (ABA)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IOctober 3, 2009

I'm back with another logo blog folks, and this time I'm blogging about the logo of the long-defunct Carolina Cougars of the long-defunct American Basketball Association.

Now, this logo looks like they were trying to think of something new but were short on time, so the Cougars' brass thought that one of them drawing the outline of a green cougar was good enough (considering their old logo was a fully-drawn cougar actually holding a basketball and not a dodgeball).

I mean, look at this ball! It's not a basketball (or try and look at as much of the ball as you can, because my photo cropping skills are crappy). Who would like to bet me in a few weeks some co-ed dodgeball team in Orange County, California adopts this as their logo?

The only saving grace I can think of for this logo is the fact that former Denver Nuggets coach Doug Moe played for the Cougars and that Larry Brown was the head coach of this team. Maybe that's a reason to be proud.

My final rip of this logo is the fact that it's bordering on copyright infringement towards the Pink Panther! If this logo were even remotely pink, then the team would have been facing seven figure trouble in a courtroom and an Owens Corning fiberglass insulation slap to the team name.

Avry's logo scale

35.7/10 For using a dodgeball and not a basketball in the logo

23.5/10 For bordering on copying the Pink Panther as a team logo

That's all for now folks, another logo blog done. Ah, a sense of accomplishment!

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