What Today's Loss Means To The Yankees

Srinivasane AravamudanContributor IOctober 3, 2009

    Today we saw the Yankees in a very unusual situation. We saw lots of things going wrong for them, lots of them going wrong at the same time. They definitely were very upset by the 4-13 loss. Are one more of their pitchers starting to falter?

    CC Sabathia went back to the dugout holding his head down amidst the fans swearing at him. CC just had a bizarre game. He pitched three innings and had the bases loaded as many times, IP-2.2, H-8, R-9, ER-5, SO-3, BB-5 to be precise. As you see the numbers are terrible, outright. The nine runs he allowed is a carrier high (five earned). 

    He would have been happy to get his 20th win of the season. But he just didn't deserve it. He just couldn't get his fastball right. He'll have to wait one more season. But that's not the point. The point is, 'how much is this loss going to affect his performance in the playoffs?'

    With AJ inconsistent and Joba unhealthy, are the Yankees getting one more problem in the pitching department? They can’t afford one. Too much is at stake to let go. They need the world championship more than anybody else. They’ve got to sort out the problems before Wednesday, when the ALDS starts at Bronx. As the saying goes Pitchers win championships.

    We have all seen how well the Yankees have performed this season after a pretty disappointing one last year. With the new stadium, aggressive buying in the off season and all, they definitely have come a long way.

But are they stumbling just when they shouldn’t? Only time will tell.