NFL Lookalikes: New England Patriots Edition

Derek ArnoldCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2009

Time once again to bust out the trusty ol’ "Lookalikes" list! Obviously, the most important one going into Sunday’s game is that the Patriots' lookalike team that can be beat. Still, no reason to not have some giggles at their expense, no?

First up, we have new R&B sensation Mossy Gray.

Now, for this next one—I promise, I applied zero of my awful MS Paint skills (nor did Nick-a-What?! do any of his Photoshop wizardry) to this head shot of rookie OL Sebastian Vollmer, taken directly from

A guy on the New England Patriots...who have Tom BRADY as their quarterback...has a BROKEN NOSE in his official head shot.

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

Speaking of Tommy Brady, you have no doubt heard about his recent nuptials to uber-babe Gisele Bundchen. What you may not have heard about was his other recent wedding.

Maybe the Ravens defense can pressure him into a late interception, and Brady will be the “GOAT” for the Pats this Sunday!

No? OK...

Finally, it looks as though somebody already has his Halloween costume picked out.

Hopefully the Ravens can put to “death” the Patriots as one of the only two teams they have never beaten since coming into the league in 1996 (Carolina is the other).