Edinson Volquez for Josh Hamilton: A Trade with Two Winners?

Smush HigginsAnalyst IJune 1, 2008

Josh Hamilton was the former first overall pick of the Tampa Bay Rays, had several drug problems, and signed with the Cincinnati Reds.

Edinson Volquez had only 20 major-league pitching appearances, and an unimpressive record of 3-11.

Then one day, former Reds GM Wayne Krivsky realized he had too many outfielders on his roster so started shopping more prospects for his young team.

Now, Hamilton is leading the MLB in RBI's with 61, the AL in home runs with 14, and in 2nd place with a .326 batting average.

They received minor league pitcher Edinson Volquez, who is now leading the MLB in strikeouts with 83, ERA with 1.46, and tied for sixth in the win column.

So, who do you think won?

I say, the Reds only because they would have no use for Hamilton anywhere, and when Volquez pitches, the Reds bullpen can't blow the lead.

Neither teams will make the playoffs, so they have to look forward to next year.