The New York Week That Was (Oct. 2, 2009)

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IOctober 2, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 27:  David Harris #52 of The New York Jets is chased by Ahmard Hall #45 of The Tennessee Titans after he intercepted the ball during their game on September 27, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Sunday afternoon was a New York sports fan’s dream (or nightmare) as the Giants, Jets, Yankees, and Mets all played at the same time—and they all won (even the Rangers played at noon on Sunday and lost, but we won’t count that because it was preseason).

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and doing one of those running diary things (that are so popular with the kids these days) of that afternoon. Here we go:

12:30: Watch the last half of the first period of the Rangers game and eat a turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich.

12:36: Yell at my daughter to quit jumping on the couch.

12:50: Bring plate into kitchen.

12:51: Sit back down in front of TV and watch Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, and Howie Long laugh.

1:02: Giants game starts. They drive downfield with ease and score their first red zone touchdown of the year. It was done so easily, I don’t think there was even another team on the field.

1:21: Switch to Channel two to check on the Jets, but the Houston Oilers are playing a team I don’t recognize. I think it’s the Canton Bulldogs or Chicago Cardinals. I want to stick around to see how Dan Pastorini and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson fare, but I want to find the Jets game.

1:23: Flip to ESPN, but the Yankees are in a rain delay. The team is in the clubhouse gathered 'round John Sterling, who’s reading Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment to them to pass the time.

1:24: Change to Channel 11 to see if the Mets are still allowed to play. New face of the franchise Pat Misch is standing on the mound, so yes, the Mets still exist.

1:25: Keep flipping, looking for the Jets.

1:30: Land on TV Land and get sucked into the Brady Bunch marathon.

1:50: No sign of “pork chops and applesauce,” “oh my nose,” or “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” yet.

2:01: Yes! It’s the “Time to Change” episode.

2:11: Peter’s voice cracks.

2:18: The other five kids vote on whether to keep Peter in the band. It’s a tie because Cindy voted twice.

2:20: Greg gets an idea on how to fix their conundrum.

2:21: Greg locks Peter and Bobby out of their room as he writes a new song.

2:24: The Brady Six sing “Time to Change.”

2:33: The Bradys are going to Hawaii!

2:40: Bobby finds a tiki idol.

2:48: Alice throws her back out doing the hula.

2:55: Greg wipes out in a surfing contest. Everyone is worried.

3:03: Greg’s okay.

3:11: A tarantula crawls on Peter.

3:20: I take out the garbage.

3:43: Greg, Peter, and Bobby are kidnapped by Vincent Price.

3:50: Mr. Brady saves them, but instead of calling the cops because a creepy old man, who is most likely gay, kidnapped his three sons and might have done unspeakable things to them, he helps the freaky guy and invites him to a luau.

3:55: The Bradys end their Hawaiian vacation with a luau.

4:05: Flip back to Channel five in time to see Brett Favre throw a game-winning TD pass. Jets win! Why are they wearing Vikings uniforms, though?

Player of the Week

David Harris

The Jets linebacker was all over the field and recorded five tackles, a sack, and an INT. He obviously wasn’t wearing Bobby Brady’s tiki idol around his neck.



Ahmad Bradshaw

As Derrick Ward gained two yards, his replacement dodged tackles and darted in and out of holes all day to gain 104 yards on only 14 carries. But now, like most Giants, he’s injured, though he’s probable for Sunday’s game.


Giants Offensive Line

They led the way as the Giants' productive running game returned, and they allowed zero sacks for the second game in a row.


Jerricho Cotchery

The standout on offense for the Jets, he had eight catches for 108 yards and hauled in a touchdown pass.


Giants D

It’s cheating to put the whole defense here, but there really wasn’t an individual standout on Sunday. It’s hard to ignore the fact, though, that they only let up 86 total yards and five first downs in the game. Sure, Tampa Bay stinks, but they are in the NFL.


Bart Scott

The loud linebacker led the Jets with nine tackles.


Mark Sanchez

Sure, he made some mistakes (and may have taken some liberties with the ladies), but he rushed for a TD, diving headfirst into the end zone, which impressed his teammates. He’s the first rookie QB in NFL history to start the season 3-0.


CC Sabathia/A.J. Burnett

The big two are tuning up for the playoffs. Sabathia threw seven shutout innings in Saturday’s win over the Sox, and Burnett has a 1.89 ERA over his last three starts.


Robinson Cano/Derek Jeter

The second baseman hit .375 this week, with two long balls and six ribbies, while the Captain batted a lofty .563.


Pat Misch

He was almost scratched from his start on Sunday due to a severe bout of ineffectiveness, but Jerry Manuel realized the only person the Mets had left who could make a start was the ball boy. Misch went out and threw a complete game shutout vs. Florida.


Schmucks of the Week

The Mets

They’re finishing their schmuck-like season in a very schmuck-like way.

David Wright forgot there were two outs and then lollygagged around the bases on Saturday night, costing the Mets a run, and has been ole-ing the ball down at third all week, Frankie Rodriguez gave up five runs in the ninth to the Nats, who were 0-87 when losing after the eighth inning this year, Jose Reyes tore his hamstring, the defense made about 100 errors this week, and on and on and on.