If Wwe Was Kindergarten (ep1)

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009

Hello ladies and fellows!This is my first humor piece and it is about WWE in kindergarten.Just imagine what WWE would have been like if the superstars were the little kindergarten babys and Vince was something like the headmaster/teacher.I got a little bit inspired by a video on youtube but anyways.

Narr:It is drawing time at the wwe kindergarten and all the students are making a drawing.

Triple h: I am going to draw a lovely picture for my little Stephanie so that she will push me to win the golden crayon award! How nice!

Edge : You idiot, you know that our teacher Mr.Vince will never take the golden crayon away from Cena

*John cena draws with the golden crayon, Triple h turns around and notices him , the gold crayon does *Bling bling*

Triple h: Hey you! give me the gold crayon!

Cena: You want some come and get some ! *puts the crayon at his underwear*

Triple h: *baby cry*

Vince : What is going on?

Triple h: Cena does not share the gold crayon with me !

Vince: I don not care! Cena sells a lot of bumpers so I will not take the title from him

Triple h: STEPHANIE!

Stephanie: Dad! Give the golden crayon to triple h right now!

Vince: But..

Stephanie: NOW!

Vince: Fine.. drawing time is over all go to the class

Children : BOO!

Vince: Yesterday tests were all fine , you all got 10/10 except the Miz who solved the test the other way round and got a 0

Miz : YEAH!I am awesome!

C.M Punk:Sir, I really need to go to sleep....

Vince: You know i never late anyone sleep during the lessons so what makes you think you are better than the rest of the class?

C.M Punk:  I do not eat candy, I do not drink orange-juice and i never eat chocolate or ice cream! My obssesion is drawing!

Jeff Hardy : You will have to pas over me if you want to go to the bed!

C.M Punk : Bring it on! I can beat you even if one hand !

Jeff Hardy: i AM A GHOST!

C.M Punk: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *runs away*

Jeff Hardy : You little chicken! 

C.M Punk : You are lucky i got an eye-injury or i would beat the living crap out of you!


Narr:It looks like punk and hardy are going to enter a feud! Unfortunately that is all we got for today. 




I want to thank you for reading this article, any comment feedback is honestly appreciated!