Raisha Saeed: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2009

It's been a while since I last wrote a piece so this time it's on the Harvey Dent of the managerial/wrestling world. Raisha Saeed is said by many to be a waste of Alissa Flash (aka Melissa Anderson's) talent. Well this is a small article about it (as it's been annoying me for a while.)

But I have to disagree with the majority, despite being jobbed in active competition most people cannot look past that. Throughout the history of wrestling there have been countless managers within wrestling, the likes of Mr Fuji, Sherri Martel and Bobby Heenan spring to the forefront of my memories.

However would WWF have put Bobby Heenan or Mr Fuji over there great active "wrestlers"? Most certainly not, so why should TNA be any different? They shouldn't. This brings me to this piece, a piece to try and say why I disagree with the masses.

Maybe it's fans being too close to the product to not see it as a show. For starters, lets take a look at the resumé of Saeed:

Managed Awesome Kong consistently for 1 year, 8 months and change.
Managed Awesome Kong to the TNA Women's Knockout championship
Managed Awesome Kong in over 50 matches (since 2008 alone)

On the merit of those three facts, it surprises me that people still think Saeed is a waste of Melissa's talent. How many fans can pick out someone who has been used in TNA as a manager so consistently? I fail to come up with many, if any at times.

It's ceases to amaze me how people can rant and rave about how she is wasted talent in TNA. Would they rather her work matches week in and week out and still be benched for a Tara/Kong/ODB three way match?

I digress but if any character is wasted, it is Alissa Flash. On her debut along with Sarita putting on possible TV match of the year and yet still losing countless times. After debuting in a match that wet the appetite of the TNA doubting fans, Flash was forced to job countless times.

In almost three months of programming, the Alissa Flash character has picked up a grand total of one victory, against the joke that is Cody Deaner.

So those of you who said "Saeed is a waste of Melissa's talent," was she really a wasted talent? Or was the character one of the most successful managers in TNA's history?

That's for you to decide, as always leave thoughts and comments below.

- Steven D