When Everyone Was Laughing at Mr. Bowlen and The BRONCOS!!!!

Gregory HutchisonContributor IOctober 1, 2009

Dear NFL Fans,

Welcome to the return of the BRONCOS!!!!  Everyone said all off season how terrible each of Mr. Bowlen's were, I endorsed each of his moves as what the Broncos needed to rebuild.  As my favorite player Jake Plummer said, Mike Shannahan's football ways had gone stale. 

Jay Cutler was no answer for what is right in the NFL.  He is all about Jay.  We needed to get the team back in Denver.  First move, Mr. Brian Dawkins.  The face of the new DEFENSE.  What a move.  Josh McDaniels was a great hire.  The man with a plan.  Let Jay go.  Let Chicago have his selfish attitude.  Champ is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time).  Orton runs a great offense. 

I could go on all day about changing the face of the Broncos in  such a short time.  Just watch it on the field.  Oh I forgot Knowshown Moreno is the next best back in the NFL.  Check out his spin move on the next highlight reel as the Broncos are blowing your team out. 

Thanks to all the nay sayers.  We love it when you give the Broncos bulletin board material.

I sit here in Missouri as a true Broncos fan since the early to mid seventies.  It is all about the Horse of course.  We love the white Bronco. 

I played JFL against Steve Atwater (27) in Saint Louis, Missouri as a kid. "The smilin assassin". What a tough man and great player.  A hit from him will let you know what a tough "D" is all about!!!!

GO BRONCOS!!!  Defend home turf and take care of the ball.

Greg Hutchison

Leasburg, Missouri