Peyton Manning: Overrated or Underrated?

Eli EtzelContributor IMay 31, 2008

A question worth asking as mini-camps around the NFL begin is whether Peyton Manning is overrated or underrated. As readers, you are probably saying no question he is underrated. So lets look at some key things every good quarterback must embody to truly be great.

Leadership: Peyton Manning has shown great leadership by correcting his teammates when they do something wrong. He practices with his Wide Receivers during the offseason by practicing routes until both he, and the reciever are on the correct timing. So for leadership he gets.


Staying Healthy: Peyton Manning has done a great job of not getting injured in his career. He one day will most likely be within 10 starts of Brett Favre's all-time start streak by a QB. So for iron man mentality he gets a


Passing Yards: Peyton Manning has been a good passer and had high passing numbers each year going back to when he was a rookie, but he has not led the league in passing most years. All things considered he still gets a 


Touchdown to interception ratio: Peyton Manning has had a good touchdown to interception ratio during his career. With his best season in 2004 by getting 49 touchdowns and breaking Dan Marino's single season touchdown record. That year he had a plus 39 touchdown to interception ratio. Only one year has he had a higher interception to touchdown ratio, and it was negative 2. He also had one bad game this year against the Chargers where he threw 6 interceptions. So he gets a


Postseason: Peyton Manning in the postseason has not been able to carry his team. He has played in 14 playoff games and he has only won half of them. Tom Brady has more wins and less loses and he has not been in the league as long. He has a 21/17 touchdown to interception ratio. The year he won the Super Bowl, he had his defense carry him. He threw 7 interceptions that year. So he gets a


Super Bowl: Peyton Manning has won the Super Bowl once, but if he had not screwed his team in other playoff years he would have a couple more. Look at Tom Brady he has 3 Super Bowls, 2 Super Bowl MVPs, 3 Visits to the White House in less time than Peyton Manning has in the league. His brother Eli has one a Super Bowl and will win one more atleast before he retires. So he gets a


He has as many Super Bowls as Brad Johnson.

So all in all, Peyton Manning is slightly overrated because if his postseason play. He is a regular season guy who has not performed well in January and Febuary.

The 7 television commercials filmed only add to the fact of Payton being overrated, at this point in his career one might be more appropriate.