No. 15 Penn State: Still a Big Ten Contender

Steven SwansonContributor IOctober 1, 2009

After a devastating loss to now No. 13 Iowa, No. 15 Penn State's national title hopes were smashed. Even though i'm not here to dwell on the game, it's very important. This means Penn State is starting off with a (0-1) record in big ten play.

They currently sit behind Wisconsin (1-0), Michigan (1-0), Iowa (1-0), Ohio State (1-0), and Purdue (0-0), in big ten play. So a lot of people have been wondering if Penn State can still win the big ten title. What do I think? Yes.

Lets take a look at Penn State's remaining schedule.



at Illinois (1-2)

Eastern Illinois (4-0)

Minnesota (3-1)

at Michigan (4-0)

at Northwestern (2-2)

Ohio State (3-1)

Indiana (3-1)

at Michigan State (1-3)



That is Penn State's remaining schedule. The only big threat I see, is Ohio State. But if Penn State's offensive line don't step it up a notch, then every game is going to be a threat.

But the big question is, can they still make a run for the big ten title? I do believe so, but the o-line will definitely have to step it up. No doubt.

I think Ohio State and Penn State will share the big ten title this year. I guess only time will tell. Please leave comments of your thoughts and predictions.