2008 NBA Draft: Russell Westbrook Out of the Shadows, into the Spotlight

Justin YettContributor IIMay 31, 2008

If you were to tell me that Russell Westbrook would have been a lottery pick at the beginning of the '07-'08 season for the Bruins this year, I honestly would have thought that you were on something.

Nevertheless, Westbrook has surprised scouts with his tenacity and willingness to defend. A mediocre jumper is a curable problem, but you can never teach someone the will to defend.

Ben Howland likes to recruit players that will play the "in your face, gritty" man to man defense, and Russell Westbrook embodies that style of play.

He goes all out, all the time. If you don't remember the TWO posterized dunks he had against Cal and Oregon, i really urge you to watch them. This boy has ups, and can bring an energy unknown to some NBA teams.

Russell is listed at 6'4'', but he plays well above that. He is a lengthy defender that can wreak havoc in opposing scorers, with the exception of Derrick Rose (who is a man child by the way.) Westbrook was always put on the opposing team's best scorers, and as his stats show, he never let Howland down.

Westbrook has been projected as high as the 7th pick to the Los Angeles Clippers, or maybe even the lowest lottery spot which belongs to Golden State.

Confidently, i can say that Russell Westbrook will be a lottery pick. I was almost hoping for him to slip to 15 and go to the Phoenix Suns, who we all know needs a good defender aside Raja Bell.

Westbrook has stepped up his game no doubt. From going to not even being able to dunk in his Junior year, to being a potential lottery pick. Russell Westbrook has stepped out of the shadows, and into the spotlight of NBA scouts, and GM's alike. All i can say is...I can't wait to watch him in the NBA.