The Newly-Formed Habs Take On a New Form..."To Win"

Stormin NormanContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

I just wanna state a fact as Don Cherry does each year and say that the Habs are finally going to do something this year that they havent done consistantly since the '70's...and that is to win regularily and to be tough defensively.Gainey has brought to the table,using his touch,a great team,only to get better each year and tougher to beat as a result.The Habs are going to win their Division and be in the Stanley Cup Finals this year and will be a contender as long as they have Gainey to keep this team together,for years to come!!We have the right management now and therefore you will see the result on the ice...COUNT ON IT..."Thumbs Up"!!!...Go Habs Go!

Jeff Norman