Re: Puck Daddy's 2009-2010 Eastern Conference Staff Prognostications

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Re: Puck Daddy's 2009-2010 Eastern Conference Staff Prognostications
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Earlier today, Blog God, Puck Daddy revealed his as well as his army of experts’ prognostications on how the Eastern Conference will be played out.

In mission cap fashion, I used my superior HTML skills and translated Puck Daddy’s table into my blog. I thought I would chime in on the fun and give you my outlook on how the East will look come April.

Puck Daddy Sean Leahy Ryan Lambert (Two Line Pass) Dobber! Dmitry Chesnokov Mike D (50MC)
Flyers Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins FLYERS
Penguins Flyers Devils Flyers Penguins PENGUINS
Devils Devils Flyers Devils Rangers RANGERS
Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers Devils DEVILS
Islanders Islanders Islanders Islanders Islanders ISLANDERS
  • The Atlantic Division is arguably the best division in hockey. It has the deepest pool of top scorers and some of the best defense and goalies.
  • I think the Devils will struggle out of the gate and will be hard pressed to catch up at the end of the year. They will however, make the playoffs due to Jacques Lemaire taking the saran wrap off of Zach Parise.
  • None of these teams have a chance at winning the conference because they will be beating up on each other through divisional games and taking points away from each other.
Puck Daddy Sean Leahy Ryan Lambert (Two Line Pass) Dobber! Dmitry Chesnokov Mike D (50MC)
Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins BRUINS
Canadiens Sabres Leafs Canadiens Canadiens SABRES
Sabres Canadiens Canadiens Senators Leafs HABS
Senators Leafs Sabres Leafs Senators LEAFS
Leafs Senators Senators Sabres Sabres SENATORS
  • The Bruis should walk to the Northeast division title.
  • The Canadiens have a brand new team, and should be good enough to fight for a playoff spot, but after the Bruins, second to fifth is wide open.
  • The Leafs are very much improved and will be a thorn in the side of playoff teams.
Puck Daddy Sean Leahy Ryan Lambert (Two Line Pass) Dobber! Dmitry Chesnokov Mike D (50MC)
Capitals Capitals Capitals Capitals Capitals HURRICANES
Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes CAPITALS
Lightning Lightning Thrashers Panthers Thrashers THRASHERS
Thrashers Thrashers Panthers Lightning Panthers LIGHTNING
Panthers Panthers Lightning Thrashers Lightning PANTHERS
  • I had to go against the grain somewhere. The Hurricanes will definitely give the Capitals a run for their money. If there is one thing that the Canes have that the Caps don’t is it’s a reliable goalie. That could be the difference. A hot pitcher always beats a good offensive lineup. Just like in baseball, a hot goalie can beat any offense—even one with Ovechkin.
  • The Thrashers will surprise A LOT of teams this year. So will the Lightning. These two teams will finish two points away from each other.

Mike D, hilariously good looking

  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Philadelphia Flyers
  3. Carolina Hurricanes
  4. Washington Capitals
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins
  6. New York Rangers
  7. New Jersey Devils
  8. Buffalo Sabres

To view Puck Daddy’s experts’ prognostications, click here.

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