Expect To See Evans and Jackson Meet in the Octagon Early Next Year

Kountry KingCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

Most of us are aware of the drama going on between the UFC and Rampage Jackson.  Jackson declared he was retiring from MMA a few days ago leaving Dana White and the rest of the MMA world shocked.

"People are coming up to me with all these other movies and I’m thinking, ‘Man, do I really wanna bust my ass in training every day, have all these injuries, worries about whether I look good and whether I’m going to win?’ I don’t have that with the movies, I already know what’s gonna happen, it’s scripted so there’s just no worries. At the end of the day I go home, I can just kick back and enjoy myself. But I can’t lie, my heart is with fighting. When I meet my good fans on the street and they say, ‘Oh man, you’re the reason why I got into the UFC’ or I see a fan wearing my t-shirt it, means a lot to me. It means a lot to me that the fans like m e and my fighting style and I really respect that. That’s a part of fighting that would keep me there and keep me motivated."

Lets face it, the guy is a natural born fighter.  He belongs in the octagon just as much as Michael Vick belongs on a football field.  

He's already backtracking on the statements he made last week.  Because last week he was done fighting, whereas now it seems as though he's still debating what he wants to do. 

Dana White said he doesn't want Rampage Jackson to fight if its not in his heart anymore.  

If you think about it tho, Rampage has always had that mindset. He absolutely hates training, and it's amazing what he's been able to accomplish with just natural ability. 

It's always been about the money for Rampage, and it still is since he thinks he's going to make more money acting than he will fighting.  However, the guy is still talking smack about Rashad Evans even after Evans has reportedly been re-scheduled to face Thiago Silva early next year.

This whole clash between himself and the UFC is about respect for him. 

He noticeably feels disrepected by Rashad Evans for their confrontation at UFC 96 and Im sure he has built up a lot of hatred against him since exchanging harsh words during the shooting of TUF 10.

Rampage Jackson will come back to MMA in 2010 to fight Rashad Evans.

Count on it.