John Cena Set to Defeat Randy Orton at Hell In a Cell to Retain His WWE Title

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 30, 2009

With the WWE's pay-per-view titled Hell In a Cell coming up this Sunday, the results of the event's WWE Championship match are already in and that's good news if your a fan of John Cena.

Yet again, John Cena will find a way to leave a WWE pay-per-view as the WWE Champion but perhaps more importantly, he will manage to kill Randy Orton's momentum in the process.

The WWE once had big things in store for Randy Orton and at one point, they appeared willing to allow their most talented Superstar to develop into the greatest heel of our generation.

But heels are yesterday's news in the eyes of the WWE.

After all, they don't bring in a fraction of the merchandise revenue which is an essential part of being a WWE Superstar, Vince McMahon would tell you that.

As Triple H said many years ago in his DVD Triple H: The Game, the WWE has always been about who is the top face in the company and to become one of the "top guys", you had to become the top face.

John Cena has done exactly that and has reaped the benefits of doing so.

But while they could go the logical route and maintain a balance to create a more structured competitive system, the WWE made their decision long ago to adopt a direction that I'd like to refer to as "Babyface Favoritism".

So long as the WWE continues to push hard in this direction, the fans should not expect a balanced product which is what makes it so easy to predict the outcomes of their major events.

It is hurting their pay-per-view buy-rates but they don't appear to care to much.

I had little trouble determining who was going to win the WWE Championship match at Breaking Point and despite the fact that over 11,000 people read my article prior to the event, the WWE decided to deliver the exact finish the people knew were coming.

The same will be the case at Hell In a Cell.

This event will not be about seeing a competitive contest or a match in which the best man will win because we know that for better or worse, John Cena will walk out as the WWE Champion regardless.

The WWE "might" and I stress the word might, try to find a way to make Randy Orton look credible in the process of his defeat but it will mean little considering the fact that he will be competing in a match in which he has no chance of winning.

"Hell In a Cell" and "I Quit" matches are made for guys like John Cena to win which is what made Randy Orton's remarks regarding how he "knows how to win" all the more comical seeing as this isn't the first time the WWE has set him up to lose in a Cell.

The so-called experience Randy Orton gathered that has taught him what he needs to do to win this match came from a losing effort to the Undertaker in 2005.

I got news for you Randy Orton; if you really want to know how to win a Hell In a Cell match, become a babyface.

It will work for John Cena this Sunday and it can work for you in the future if you ever decide to throw away the great character you have created in the favor of selling a few more Age of Orton T-shirts.

As has been displayed in countless other instances, heels like Randy Orton have absolutely no chances of defeating guys like John Cena through pure might or by being the superior competitor.

The WWE audience wouldn't know how to handle something like that so the WWE strives to develop ways for guys like Orton to win matches in the sneakiest of fashions.

The problem being, there is no way for them to sneak their way out of Hell In a Cell.

This Sunday when it comes down to two of the WWE's top two Superstars, you can rest easy knowing that the only one who will walk out with the WWE Championship will be the one who will win with pure might.

Needless to say, that man won't be Randy Orton.