Futbol Factor: Why Frank Ribery Should Not Play For Real Madrid

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

Frank Ribery is an awesome talent to behold for Bayern Munich. Which is why the club must do all that it can to keep hold of the Frenchman.

Frank Ribery may look at Real Madrid as the ideal club to play for, but observers would note that Ribery would have to consider the implications, where he might not have the starting role at the club that he enjoys in Munich.

Real Madrid already have a midfield that is packed with the likes of Lassandra Diarra, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonzo, Kaka, Gago, and Guti.

Ribery would be wise enough to even consider the situation of former Galacticos Wesley Sneidjer and Arjen Robben, both Dutch players who are starters in the own right, but were forced to play their trade from the bench with the arrivals of both Kaka, Ronaldo, and Alonzo.

Ribery would possibly face that kind of fate as well, considering the fact that fact he would have to compete against the likes of the newly-transformed Madrid midfield, and also contend with his French counterpart Karim Benzema.

Ribery is better off playing in Munich, where he enjoys a starting role for the club, and is also emerging as one of the top players in the German Bundesliga.

His starting play would also benefit his chances of excelling further in the French uniform, for France needs all her best players to be playing consistently throughout the entire season, something of which Ribery would also have to keep in mind too.

Real Madrid are good enough without the services of the talented Frenchman, Ribery himself knows this, and so it's only fitting that Munich would go as far as to slap a riculous amount money of which they determine Ribery's market value, a tactic used by clubs to scare off any potential admirers of their star players.