Rich Rodriguez' Agent Admits Ties to Sports Gambling: What About the Pitt Game?

Scott PauleyAnalyst IMay 31, 2008

In the never ending saga of uselessness, it is now known that Coach Rod's agent, Mike Brown, has ties to sports gambling. 

It seems that maybe Rod is controlled more by his agent than his "love" of football and/or money.

In the past I have defended Rod against the accusations that he threw the Pitt game.  However, if one would think hard and long enough, some pieces just might fit that (sudoku) puzzle.

Brown has admitted to "shopping around" for Coach Rod.  He was continually trying to find him another job.  Brown has also admitted to having ties to pro and college betting. 

Ya think that Brown's control over Rod had anything to do with the loss to Pitt in the Backyard Brawl?

I really hate to insinuate this heinous act, but in all actuality, it could be the truth.

I really do not believe Coach Rod would throw a game.  On the other hand, if he is trying stay in the pocket of a corrupt agent, he just may have to "not try as hard.” Does that make sense? 

Brown tells Rod to throw the game, then bets against WVU.

You can view the story and deposition of Mike Brown in the headlines section of

Though I hope the former coach of Coach Bill Stewart's Fiesta Bowl Champs would not stoop so low, after the latest news I am forced to reevaluate the facts and my opinions before I conclude on the matter.

No matter what, Michigan fans better get ready for a bumpy season:  A season in which the head coach's mind is far from Ann Arbor.