WWE ECW Dawn Marie Loves To Show Off Her Hot Body In Skimpy Bikinis!

Akvar MindonesContributor IIISeptember 30, 2009

Former WWE and ECW temptress Dawn Marie can be seen this week on The Heyman Hustle website, where the voluptuous villain joins former boss Paul Heyman on the streets
of New York City during a blizzard last year.
The gorgeous brunette bombshell can be seen flashing the cameras, as she opens up her
full length fur coat, revealing a sexy skimpy bikini, which she seems to enjoy wearing despite the freezing cold and snow.
The video is a re-airing of the second episode of the Hustle series, which is now seen on the pop culture Crave Online network after a run on the Sun UK.
The episode also features New York City's "Naked Cowboy" and two members from the cast of Jackass.