Black Israelites Herald the Rise of Kimbo Slice

The MMA Daily ScrapCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

As was noted last May, Affliction and TapOut shirts are now as ubiquitous as Yankees caps. That alone should suffice as evidence that the sport has, finally, gone mainstream.

This video offers even more corroboration, and does so in rather humorous fashion. How popular is MMA? So popular that even the Black Israelites, when standing on a street corner in New York City, spouting their oft-repeated rant about America being consumed in a forthcoming race war, cannot help but segue into a discussion on the effectiveness of gogoplatas, or Kimbo Slice’s chances on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Declaring Kimbo a “Jake” (a neologism from the Black Israelite lexicon, with etymological roots in the Biblical name Jacob, which designates a descendant of the patriarch), the street-corner prophets throw their endorsement behind the man with a proclivity for facial hair similar to their own. One wonders if the rational foundations of their faith will suffer any damage if Roy Nelson dispatches Kimbo in easy fashion.

Our prediction: Nelson by decision.

But we’ll see who has the last laugh when Black Jesus returns to Earth and casts “Big Country” into the Lake of Fire.