Blake DeWitt...A Phenom in the Making?

Justin YettContributor IIMay 31, 2008

Blake Dewitt is not yet a household name, but surprisingly, he should be. He is hitting a very respective .298 with five home runs and 28 runs batted.

Ask any Dodgers’ fan, and they would have easily said that Nomar would have been starting, or even superstar in the making of Andy LaRoche.

DeWitt was buried in the depth chart all spring training until Nomar and LaRoche came down with injuries, leaving the unknown DeWitt to carry the starting duties.

I got a chance to see this kid play in spring training, and let me tell you, I didn't even know who he was. All the prospect talk was about Andy LaRoche and Clayton Kershaw.

Blake DeWitt, you could say, has been sort of the unsung hero of the Dodgers so far this year, coming up with clutch hits, and driving home big runs.

But what are the Dodgers going to do once LaRoche and Nomar are back from their injuries?

He has rightfully snatched up the only opportunity he needed to showcase his skills for Major League Baseball and to take his bat out of the line-up would be out of the question.

Sure LaRoche is a higher touted prospect, but what has he proved in the big leagues?

I guess we can only wait to see what Joe Torre and the rest of the Dodgers organization choose to do with upcoming superstar and potential rookie of the year, Blake Dewitt.