DMX Is Now an MMA Fighter

Greg RiotAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2009

If you judged him from his rap persona, you’d think that DMX is one of the toughest guys on the face of the Earth.

Now, the world will get a chance to see how tough he really is as DMX, aka Earl Simmons, has agreed to fight in an MMA bout against Eric Martinez in Birmingham, Alabama on December 12 according to the MMA site

The main event of the evening will be an exciting-albeit potentially sloppy brawl between Tank Abbott and Eric “Butterbean” Esch.

MMA is not regulated in Alabama but DMX will likely have to take a drug test prior to the fight with Martinez, which should be an adventure in and of itself as DMX has had law-related troubles with drugs in the past.

So, will DMX’s first appearance inside the cage be a proverbial freak show matchup or a legitimate foray into one of the world’s fastest-growing sports for the popular rapper?

No one really knows how much fight training DMX actually has, as his last interview before the announcement talked mainly about his desire to put out more music because of the dearth of quality hip hop on the market these days.

DMX stands for “Darkman X” and the rapper is a good-sized guy who looks to be in pretty good shape in most of his videos.

Luckily, he’ll be fighting a fellow amateur in Martinez, who is the CEO of Power Moves Entertainment, a record label, management firm, and event promotion company from New Mexico.

The match continues a trend of celebrity-types crawling into cages to headline cards that are otherwise devoid of talented fighter depth, and it’s one that could very well continue as companies continue to scramble to make money off of the latest big trend in sports.

UFC President Dana White is likely to scoff at the thought of DMX stepping into the cage, but it’s tough to deny the marketing appeal of seeing a purported tough guy like DMX stepping into the Octagon.

Of course, questions abound about the DMX fight. For one, how big will his entourage be? Odds are he’s rolling no less than 15-20 deep for his entrance. Maybe he’ll even bring Chuck Liddell along for backup in case things get hectic in the stands, since Liddell has been known to walk out to a DMX tune or two.

Secondly, what will his entrance music be? It has to be one of his own songs, and that has to be a first in MMA, right?

And finally, will anyone mistake DMX for Rampage Jackson, either inside or outside of the cage?

His trademark barking noises sounds a bit like Jackson’s pre-fight howl, and they also look a bit alike. Okay, maybe a tiny bit.

But regardless, the point is that this event, titled “Alabama Pride,” is a must-see for MMA fans who don’t care about the technical stuff and just want to see some angry dudes throw down with nothing but pride on the line.